CPR Certification – Why should you bother taking this qualification?

Everyone should take a CPR class as you never know when these lifesaving skills will be needed.  It doesn’t take that long to pass the certification process.  Did you know that about 70% of people who suffer a cardiac arrest when not in a hospital or a medical facility won’t survive?  Those that do could suffer permanent brain damage. The sad thing is that many of these fatalities could be avoided if someone had started cardiac pulmonary massage.

How do you know when someone has suffered a cardiac arrest?  In the films the actor tends to grab their chest while they sink dramatically to the floor. In real life, it is unlikely to be so obvious.  The person may lose consciousness but some people will assume they have fainted.  They will probably stop or appear to have stopped breathing.  Usually a cardiac arrest comes on very suddenly and with little warning.  The patient has the best chance of survival if somebody qualified uses an AED device very quickly. If no defibrillator is available, starting CPR is the next best thing to do.

When you have passed your CPR exam, you will know exactly how to perform the steps involved in the CPR process.   If possible someone should call 911 while you assist the casualty. If you are on your own, then it is best to start CPR first before you call the emergency services.  Every second counts and it is imperative that you maintain a calm composure and react professionally.  Some people are concerned that they will inflict more damage to the victim while trying to help them.  Generally this is not an issue.  The best AED devices are programed to check the patient’s vital statistics before administering an electric shock.  Remember the person is very likely to die if you do not start CPR as soon as possible after they first suffer the cardiac arrest.  So get your CPR certification now and be ready to help if required.

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