Choose Gourmet Olive Oil For A Healthier Lifestyle

Is there really a difference between your run of the mill store brand olive oil and Gourmet olive oil? Well, the answer is obviously yes! In my opinion, even the store brand olive oil is better for you than other types of fatty cooking oils such as lard or some vegetable oils. But is it really worth paying extra money for the Gourmet olive oils?

Yes, yes and yes again! Generally, the biggest difference between standard olive oil and Gourmet olive oil is that your Gourmet oils are of higher quality. There are exceptions, but this is true for most of them. The quality not only comes from the tree itself, but also the processing of the oils.

Gourmet oil producers take great care in selecting the olives from their very best trees. Then the olives are carefully processed in a very short amount of time after they are picked. This insures that the very best quality is obtained from the olives.

Your run of the mill olive oil is made from any ole olive that can be harvested. It may come from less than desirable tree varieties and the olives may not be processed in a quick manner. The longer the olives remain unprocessed after picking, the more they start turning rancid.

Also, run of the mill olive oil varies from Gourmet olive oil in that they are pure and not mixed with other oils like many of the standard oils are. Regular shelf brand oil may be mixed with olive oils from different regions or oils from soybeans, flax or any other type of oil the producer wants. This can reduce the quality of the oil to a huge degree.

So the next time you’re cruising your stores isles and are looking at the olive oils up on the shelf and wonder “Is it really worth spending a few dollars more for that Gourmet olive oil?” You’ll know the answer!

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