Causes of Vaginal Irritation

Vaginal irritation is a common issue.  Other than infections, the causes can sometimes be hard to find.  Many women don’t expect a source of irritation to be right in their own home.

What is irritation ?
The term “vaginal irritation” describes a whole list of symptoms: itching, burning, redness, and soreness are among them.  Any uncomfortable sensations around your vagina can be considered irritation.  Irritation, especially itching, is sometimes a sign of an infected vagina.  Infections are the first thing you should check for when you notice irritation.  Other symptoms of an infection include a bad vaginal odor, and a change in discharge.  If these symptoms aren’t present, the cause of your irritation may be something more run-of-the-mill.

Fragrances and dyes
Products like pads, tampons, toilet paper, pantyliners, and feminine cleansing wipes all come in scented and colored varieties.  Many women are attracted to these products because they seem fun and hide any potential vaginal odors.  However, the fragrances and dyes in these products are often made with harsh chemicals and very concentrated oils that aren’t gentle enough for vaginal use.  The skin inside and around the vagina is very sensitive, and when products that come into contact with that area are too harsh, it can result in irritation.  The best thing to do in this scenario is to eliminate all the fancy versions of these products and replace them with plain, white, unscented alternatives.  They work just as well and are much better for the vagina.

Douching is supposed to be healthy for the vagina, but store bought douches have a lot in common with scented and dyed feminine hygiene products.  They often contain chemicals and other ingredients that aren’t the best thing to use on such a sensitive area.  Vaginal irritation can result from frequent douching.  The vagina is actually a self-cleaning body part and doesn’t need douching to stay healthy.  All you need to do to keep that part of your body clean is to wash the labia and vulva daily with a gentle, additive-free soap.  If you must douche, make a homemade version out of natural ingredients.  Garlic and yogurt are popular for this use.

Reactions to other products
Sometimes, irritation of the vagina is a reaction to some product you’re using other than the ones listed above.  If you’ve switched your hygiene products to plain unscented varieties and stopped using store bought douches, but are still experiencing irritation, it’s time to look in your bedroom for the answer.  If you’re sexually active, the condoms or lubricant you’re using may be irritating your vagina.  Some women have latex allergies, and in this case an alternative form of protection must be used.  Other times it’s simply the ingredients in flavored or colored condoms or lubes that irritate the vagina.  Either way, all you need to do to eliminate irritation is to switch to gentler versions of these products.

If irritation doesn’t go away
If nothing seems to help your irritation, you should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.  There may be an underlying issue that needs treatment, or a more unusual allergy that your doctor will be able to pinpoint easily.  Don’t bother suffering longer than you need to; take care of vaginal irritation today.

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