Should I Worry when I Have No Period after Stopping Birth Control?

There are various methods to prevent pregnancy. One of the most common is the birth control pills. And birth control pills can be further classified into different types. But these pills, in general, work by controlling the female hormones. And this results to controlling your menstrual cycle, and thus preventing you from getting pregnant. But […] Read more »

What are the Chances of Getting Pregnant from Precum?

There are various methods of preventing oneself from getting pregnant. These are what we call contraceptives. One of the methods a lot of couples, especially the young, use is the withdrawal method. The withdrawal method is where the guy withdraws or pulls his penis out of the woman’s vagina right before he cums or ejaculates. […] Read more »

Does It Hurt when Your Hymen Breaks?

People are now becoming more open in discussing about sex and other sexual issues. Men and women, boys and girls are now more curious about sex. But one of the things that bother many young women is the pain of losing one’s virginity. It is still a cause of worry and fear to many young […] Read more »

How long does your First Period Last?

Menarche, or when a girl gets her first menstrual period, marks the passage into womanhood. Many girls like you become excited on the day they get their first period. Other girls rather tend to be worried. And many of you would surely want to know more about this crucial menstrual period. Some of you might […] Read more »

Is it Good to Wear a Bra to Bed?

Wearing bras has already become a necessity for most women today. There are women who think that they should only wear bras when going to w ork or anywhere else outside home. There are other women who are comfortable enough to wear one all throughout the day even during bedtime. Some women want the support […] Read more »

Can I Eat Shrimp while I’m Pregnant

Can I eat shrimp while pregnant? To the dism ay of most pregn ant women, a long list of foods to eat is needed. And so, many pregnant women must have asked this question already. During pregnancy, the unborn child depends solely on its mother for nutrients needed for development. Whatever the mother takes in, […] Read more »

Can I Eat Salmon while I’m Pregnant?

We usually think of all fish as healthful food. They are not as fatty and high with cholesterol as beef and other types of meat. But not all fish are perfectly safe for consumption. There are also certain types of fish that you should avoid in certain situations, like when you are pregnant. Not all […] Read more »

Can You Eat Cheesecake when you’re Pregnant?

Let me guess, you have been craving for a slice or two of cheesecake, have you? But you are not sure whether or not it is safe for you and for your baby. Can you eat cheesecake when pregnant? Is it safe to have cheesecake when you are pregnant? Just like so many mother-to-be, food […] Read more »

Do Pregnant Women Have Discharge?

When women get pregnant, their bodies undergo a lot of changes in order to accommodate another human body. There is an increase in the amount of hormones produced. Eating habits change. Weight increases. These are just among the many changes that a woman’s body undergoes throughout the period of pregnancy. Sometimes all of these changes […] Read more »

When Are You the most Fertile?

Have you always wanted to know when are you fertile the most? The truth is, this would only occur more than just a single day in any given month. Why is this so? This is mainly because your egg would usually make its way through your fallopian tubes and then to your uterus for at […] Read more »

The Complex Procedure of Untying Tubes

Many women would wonder how doctors untie tubes.  After all, tying tubes is the term for tubal ligation.  Is it safe to say that a doctor just goes in and would untie a woman’s tubes?  However, it is not as simple as it sounds.  In order to understand the works of untying tubes, a woman […] Read more »

Gardnerella Vaginitis: Infection of the Vagina

Recent studies revealed Gardnerella as one of the leading sexually transmitted disease. With that, many women are clamoring for new and alternative therapies in order to handle such disease. Finding the right solutions to this female predicament can be hard and confusing, and it does not help that this disease can usually occur repeatedly. Gardnerella […] Read more »

Untying Tubes—A Chance for another Angel

For years, you and your spouse may have controlled the increase of your children by having your tubes tied. But for some reason, you now want to have more children. You may be one of the ten to twenty percent of women who have undergone tubal ligation and want to reverse it. For a natural […] Read more »

Do You Really Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

It is very exciting to find out that you are pregnant, but it can also be an overwhelming time in your life. Many newly pregnant women are inundated with all kinds of information about what they need to do and what they need to buy, for themselves and for the baby. What is all of […] Read more »

Supplements to Relieve Menopausal Symptoms

As women age, there is a decline in estrogen which eventually triggers perimenopause or the onset of menopause. With these hormonal changes, a woman’s body experiences many different fluctuations and a variety of menopause symptoms begin to manifest themselves. One symptom which is often present in menopausal women is hot flashes. While hot flashes alone […] Read more »

Top Natural Remedies for Nausea and Morning Sickness

Many of us may experience nausea, or the feeling as though we’re going to vomit, on occasi on. It may be due to stress, irritable bowel syndrome, another gastrointestinal disorder or of course, pregnancy. One of the worst and most uncomfortable normal symptoms of pregnancy is the dreaded “morning sickness”. This is usually defined as […] Read more »

Tubal Reversal Microsurgery

The advent of surgically-aided contraception has lured many young adults into operating rooms for procedures like the tubal ligation surgery. Furthermore, since it is very easy to obtain low interest tubal reversal loans and other modes of funding, patients continue to flock to doctor’s offices. During this surgery, a female patient’s fallopian tubes are cut […] Read more »

Causes of Vaginal Irritation

Vaginal irritation is a common issue.  Other than infections, the causes can sometimes be hard to find.  Many women don’t expect a source of irritation to be right in their own home. What is irritation ? The term “vaginal irritation” describes a whole list of symptoms: itching, burning, redness, and soreness are among them.  Any […] Read more »

How to Reduce Vagina Odor

Vagina odor can be an embarrassing experience, especially in intimate situations.  It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint the cause of an unpleasant vaginal odor, making it even more difficult to eliminate the smell.  If you’re having problems with odor, there are a few things you can do to try and reduce the problem. Check for infections […] Read more »

Finding Products to Help with Bad Breath

You’re on a date with someone whom you really like. You put your arm around them and lean in close. Suddenly you get a whiff of your breath when it bounces back at you and are horrified. You haven’t eaten any garlic, or tuna, and for some reason, your breath smells atrocious! This happens far […] Read more »