Why Do We Yawn when Someone Else Yawns?

Why do we yawn? Yawning is one of the most curious things that human beings do. We may have observed that most people yawn when bored or feeling a bit sleepy. But scientists still haven’t found out what really causes us to yawn. And what makes yawning even more intriguing is the observation of yawning […] Read more »

What are the Hypnagogic Hallucinations Causes?

Medical science about the human brain’s neurology has yet to uncover and explore more details on hypnagogic hallucinations. Recent studies have revealed a connection between hypnagogic hallucinations and narcolepsy, sleep paralysis and another type of anxiety disorder. However, many people have, at a certain time, experienced one or more instances of hypnagogic hallucination without knowing […] Read more »

Make Your Choice Among Neck Support Pillows!

There is a l arge variety of neck pillows in the market. They are available in many different sizes and shapes. Some are U-shaped, allowing you to rest your neck as your turn around. Others are circles with a hole for your head. There are also some, which look like normal sized pillows; however, they […] Read more »

The Benefits of Sleeping on a Natural Latex Foam Mattress

If you are looking for an organic mattress there is not a better option than a latex foam mattress. It is made from a sustainable, biodegradable, and natural material, the sap of a rubber tree. Traditional mattresses need to be flipped over time to time as they form depression, which can cause back pain. Latex […] Read more »

Medical Benefits of Tempurpedic Foam Mattress

Out of all the money that you can spend on an interior decor I think you should definitely consider spending money on the right kind of mattress as well as pillow set for your home. Why all these other things are something that need to be present only for the value of aesthetic speaking in […] Read more »

It appears that sleep apnea causes brain damage

Repeated ups and downs in blood pressure and blood flow in the brain can people with sleep apnea lead to a situation of increased risks of stroke and even death in sleep. Beside stroke people with breathing disorders are at very high risk of heart attack. Sleep deprivation also affects cognitive and motor skills ill. […] Read more »

Snoring and Health: Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring is often neglected because people do not understand its implications on health. A lot of snorers do not even know that their condition can cause dreaded diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. And it is because of such negligence that the most needed snoring solutions are not always found. So if you are like […] Read more »

Falling Asleep, The Natural Way

There are many over the counter and prescription drugs available today that will help one who is having problems fall asleep, get the much needed sleep they need. However many people suffering from insomnia can be helped with almost side effect free natural sleep aids. The following methods can be done at home, without having […] Read more »

Will A Memory Foam Mattress Really Make A Difference?

There are many people who have found that a memory foam mattress dramatically improved the quality of their sleep.  If you are someone who has a history of not sleeping well then you may want to consider giving it a try.  It is so different than a typical mattress you have to experience it to […] Read more »

Do you have a sleeping disorder?

Ever since the first people inhabited this world our sleeping habits have and always will be controlled by nature. We sleep at night, or at least that is the plan. Now that we have a wonderful thing called electricity we can create artificial light anytime that we want. Before electricity people got an average of […] Read more »

Mentally Finding the Cure for Insomnia

One of the most important things about insomnia is that it’s our reaction about being awake that causes us to determine how long it takes us to keep fall back asleep. We create our insomnia by how we react to being awake. For example, the majority of people who see a sleep a specialist report […] Read more »

The Common Cold—How to Sleep Better

If you’re sick and you’re having a lot of trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. Most people with a cold or mild flu have a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. But learning how to sleep better when you’re sick can make your illness go by faster and help you feel better even when […] Read more »

Sleep Cycle – Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Why Sleep Cycle Is So Important? This can be a bit shocking news to some but still it’s backed up by many scientists and experts so it’s really hard to deny. Recent studies showed that the way we deal with our everyday experiences (including relationships in your work place and also within the other parts […] Read more »

Positive Airway Pressure Therapy for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is known as a physical condition of the body where by a person does not inhale for just a brief period throughout their sleep during the night. This particular lapse in breathing sometimes happens for several seconds consistently across a span of hours. This kind of disruption during the inhaling and exhaling process […] Read more »

Simple Things to Facilitate Sleep

Sometimes falling asleep is easy, but we’ve all experienced those nights when it is almost impossible to fall asleep.  No matter what the cause of the insomnia, all you can think about is how badly you need to fall asleep, which makes falling asleep even harder.  There are some simple solutions that will help you […] Read more »

Medical Solutions to Stop Snoring

There are many stop snoring exercises that you can try out to try to get rid of your snoring habits. However, if none of these methods work then you may need to consult help from a physician. An otolaryngologist is a throat, nose, and ear doctor who will be able to give you specialized information […] Read more »

Sweating While Sleeping Can Be a Serious Condition

A lot of people suffer from sweating while sleeping. This is a common condition that many people have and are often ashamed to recognize. It is important to know that this type of sweating can be a symptom of very dangerous diseases and if your problem is recurrent you should seek medical attention. Excessive sweating […] Read more »

Techniques to stop snoring

A snoring disorder may take much effort before an effective remedy is found. It is highly likely you might have experimented with various anti-snoring remedies. Have you had any relief? If you did, then you were quite fortunate to find something that worked. For persons who are still searching, there is hope. This article features […] Read more »

Natural Sleep Solutions

While exercise and nutrition are certainly important factors that predict your overall health, the quality of your sleep is believed the most important factor.  If your sleep patterns and overall sleep quality is less than ideal, there are many strategies that you can implement to try to improve the situation.  Try these easy ways to […] Read more »

Looking for Classic Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Many people have problems sleeping. In today’s world there are lots of stressors that can cause us to lie awake at night and just worry. But at least these kinds of sleep problems are pretty much out in the open and can be dealt with in a straight forward manner. But many people suffer from […] Read more »