Truly Understanding the Most Effective Stretch Mark Treatments

Stretch marks are absolutely annoying. They make the skin look awfully ugly. People with stretch marks can’t join the fun of wearing sexy summer swimsuits or stylish sexy clothes because they have to hide their deepest, darkest secrets. It makes them feel less attractive and affects their self-esteem and confidence. The scars of stretch marks […] Read more »

Fighting Age, Sun Damage with Skin Lightening Cream

You may have looked at your facial skin recently to find a number of dark spots and an otherwise blotchy appearance. In many cases, this type of damaged skin arises from unprotected sun exposure. Most people find no need to wear sunscreen unless they are going to the beach. It turns out that your face […] Read more »

Methods on How to Remove Cellulite

Everyone wants to know how to remove cellulite, and the truth is there are various methods. The question is which way is best for you. If you do not know what cellulite is exactly, it is fat deposits under the skin that hallows and lumps beneath the surface. It can cause symptoms such as varicose […] Read more »

The Benefits Of All Natural Bath Salts

All natural bath salts have had a sudden explosive rebirth of popularity in the past few years.  They were used hundreds of years ago but then they seemed to be pushed underground by major manufacturers who started making bath salts of their own.  The problem with these new and definitely not so improved  products is […] Read more »

Reverse Tattooing To Remove Tattoos

There are several different methods of tattoo removal for people to choose from in this day and age. There are tattoo removal creams. A Tattoo removal cream can be a very appealing option due to it’s low cost and many people today are choosing this method.  One method that many people are unaware of  is […] Read more »

What You Should Know about Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

If you have itchy scalp and you can sometimes find silvery flakes of dandruff on your scalp, you probably have scalp psoriasis. Some people find it difficult to tell whether it is dandruff or scalp psoriasis. You should know that psoriasis is sometimes the underlying cause of dandruff. If you have dandruff, then it is […] Read more »

Use A Tan Accelerator For Quick, Natural Results!

In case you are one of those persons, like me, who has trouble developing a tan, you may want to have a look at a tanning accelerator. I myself have very fair skin. No matter how long I am out in the sun, the tan just won’t come. I do get burnt thought. My skin […] Read more »

Popular Cellulite Creams Do the Work?

Anyone who has cellulite wants to get rid of it, but do the anti cellulite creams available actually work? Many products boast amazing results but few live up to the promises made. In this article we’ll look at some of the more popular cellulite creams available today on the market. Dudur Cellulite Cream is a […] Read more »

How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take?

If you have a tattoo that you consider to be unsightly and have been putting off removing it for some time, there is no better time than the present to eradicate it from your skin. In some instances, cost can be a concern, with laser treatments easily running into the few thousand dollar range. In […] Read more »

Prevention of Common Skin Conditions

In modern society our beauty ideals put a lot of emphasis on clear, smooth, and healthy looking skin. This makes suffering from skin conditions especially tough. Thus, knowing how to best prevent them is very beneficial. Preventing Acne Acne is a frustrating and persistent skin condition. It is most common in young people, but can […] Read more »

Rosacea Treatment Tips: Avoid these 7 Triggers

If you have rosacea, it’s a fact of life that there are many “rosacea triggers” in the environment and in life that need to be avoided or reasonably minimized in order to better control the severity of symptoms caused by rosacea. It might not be fun or enjoyable dealing with this reality, but nevertheless, it’s […] Read more »

Keeping Spray Tanning Costs Down

Spray tanning as you know is one of the safest and most effective artificial tans that you can get. The only problem is that the costs start to get expensive especially if you are the type of person who likes a tan all the time. Luckily there are ways in which you can keep costs […] Read more »

Three Ways to Treat Eczema Without Steroids

Corticosteroid creams are usually the first method of attack prescribed by doctors.  This is with good reason-cortisone will curb eczema itching fairly quickly. The problem with steroids, however, are the short-term effects.  Steroids won’t cure you’re eczema and definitely won’t work for the long term.  The creams only treat the symptoms and cause undesirable side-effects […] Read more »

Tanning Accelerators And The Skin

A lot of people who have light skin have thought about using a tanning accelerator at one time or another. Getting a tan has always been very popular. It makes the skin look healthy and young but is it really healthy? There are a few things you should be aware of if you are thinking […] Read more »

Skin Health – Your Largest Organ, Take Care of It

So many people are into health these days, I think even more so since it is the beginning of a new year. Most people make a resolution to loose some weight or go to the gym, and these are very good resolutions. Did you ever consider making a resolution to take care of your skin […] Read more »

Eczema Skin Disorder Contagious?

As a co-author at, a site dedicated to providing information about the ben efits of using krill oil.  I was asked if eczema was a contagious skin disorder in one of our post titled “Can You Cure Eczema with Krill Oil.” This question really caught me off guard for at the moment I did […] Read more »

Spray Tans Tips– A Popular Beauty Treatment

There are two particular hot times of the year for people to get spray tans. The first is the springtime, coming up to the warmer months in the northern hemisphere. This is because people are starting to wear their warmer weather clothes and are exposing more of their skin. Therefore they want to avoid the […] Read more »

What are my Cellulite Treatment Options?

When summer time is just a few months away, does your attention turn to the lump and bumps that are on your thighs and legs? Just the thought of a swimsuit can make any woman cringe when they have cellulite to contend with. When you are wanting to look your best, cellulite is an unwelcome […] Read more »

The Demise Of Pacquins Hand Cream

There are very few things where the term, ‘They don’t make them like they used to!’ applies and one of those things is Pacquins hand cream. This product has been around since the 1960s and is still on top of many people’s cosmetic list. That is all people, not just women. Any man who does […] Read more »

Should I consider Permanent stretch mark removal?

Loosing a lot of weight either because of a diet of because of pregnancy might lead to annoying stretch marks. Stretch marks are actually broken fibers in the skin caused by a lack of a hormone called collagen. Off course many females are not pleased with these marks as they are a threat to ones […] Read more »