What are the DSM Criteria for Bipolar Disorder?

Before we can get an understanding of the DSM criteria for bipolar disorder, it is important for us to learn first what the meaning of the condition bipolar disorder is. Bipolar disorder is a condition that exhibits more than wild mood swings. However, this is not simply a situation of a person where he or […] Read more »

Why Do People Cut Themselves?

There are a lot of people who resort to cutting themselves due to several different reasons. Nowadays, self cutting is intentionally done by almost 1% of the total population of Americans. This includes habitual and deliberate causing of injuries or pain by means of cutting oneself. This is also considered an addiction, which is also […] Read more »

What does the Right Side of the Brain Control?

People have various strengths and abilities. Some people are great at mathematical concepts. They are able to understand and comprehend scientific theories. Others excel in the arts. They work well in expressing themselves through drawings, paintings, sculptures, and the languages. There are also those who are talented musicians, dancers, and actors, while some others are […] Read more »

Why Brain Training Is Important

The world is always in motion. It brings about many increasing tests that challenge your ability to overcome obstacles, and your desire to thrive. It does not matter whether it is in your personal life or sports. Competition is tougher than ever before, and there are fewer opportunities, and many more obstacles in your path. […] Read more »

About School Psychologists

There is a fundamental difference between education psychology and school psychology. Although both names sound a bit similar, these two careers in psychology are different. Education psychologist is concerned about analyzing data to find ways of improving student achievement and class instruction. On the other hand, a school psychology is based upon interaction with students, […] Read more »

Natural Remedies for Overcoming Panic Attacks

It is terrible to suffer from panic attacks. Those who have suffered know the pain, fear and embarrassment it brings with it. Surprisingly, panic attacks do not result into death; but it is as scary as death. Stress is found to be the one of the major and most common cause. Stress is inevitable in […] Read more »

How to Overcome Depression in the Workplace

Work burn-out is a real thing. Sometimes when everything seem too easy or at some point there is less challenge in doing what a person normally does, then that person experiences a “breaking away” from his or her routine to say “enough is enough”. Though resigning is no longer a choice nowadays (and sometimes even […] Read more »

Are You Stressed At Work?

We spend an average of 1/3 of our day at work.  If you’re stressed out while you’re at work, you’re spending the majority of your life getting paid to reduce the quality and quantity of your life.  Seriously, are you getting paid enough for that ? Seek Out Ways To Reduce Your Stress Take the […] Read more »

Treating Panic Attacks With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A panic attack most probably occurs without any apparent source or cause that could lead you to such extreme levels of fear. The panic attacks are simply the antics your mind is playing. They are the results of your own thinking. So, it is best to treat your very mind in order to overcome panic […] Read more »

You Can Start Overcoming Depression Now

I’m sure by now that almost everyone has seen the commercial – depression hurts. Its true, it does. Depression hurts on so many more levels than just your emotions. Depression doesn’t have to keep hurting though. You can begin overcoming depression. Unfortunately there is still a massive stigma associated with depression despite the marketing efforts […] Read more »