How to Make Curly Hair Straight for Guys?

When it comes to hair problems, we usually just see the women fretting about how their hair looks. We don’t think that guys actually take time to fix their own locks. And some guys just find curly or wavy hair just as frustrating as many women. So here’s how to make curly hair straight for […] Read more »

What are the Garlic Benefits for Men?

Not everyone appreciates the strong flavor and smell of garlic. But everyone can appreciate the numerous health benefits of this herb. It also has health benefits specific for men. Here some garlic benefits for men. One of the many benefits of garlic for men is it reduces the risks of getting prostate cancer. A study […] Read more »

Best ways for getting rid of man boobs

Depending on your age, there are different things that you can do for getting rid of man boobs. The reason is simple: there are different things that may cause you to get man breasts. So, if you are less than 18 years old and notice an increase in your breasts size you should not worry […] Read more »

Exercises To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

There are different methods to get rid of man boobs. Some suggest the natural way by burning fat through exercise. Some fall for the marketing gimmicks of certain books. Some go for the easy way out of pills and surgery. The safest and most fulfilling and time-tested method is the natural way. To get rid […] Read more »

Finding Products to Help with Bad Breath

You’re on a date with someone whom you really like. You put your arm around them and lean in close. Suddenly you get a whiff of your breath when it bounces back at you and are horrified. You haven’t eaten any garlic, or tuna, and for some reason, your breath smells atrocious! This happens far […] Read more »

Vasectomy Reversal Surgery– Recovery and Complications

A vasectomy reversal surgery is a common surgical operation that is done to reverse the effect of vasectomy surgery. Compared to regular vasectomy; a reversal one needs more recovery time. The reversal procedure itself can take four to five hours to complete. Some discomfort and pain is normal for first few days but they tend […] Read more »

Lose your Man Boobs for Ever With Surgery

Man boobs can be a great source of embarrassment for many men. While in the pubertal age it’s a matter of time and man boobs will just go away by themselves once testosterone ans estrogen balance again, out of the teenage years is more difficult to treat true gynecomastia, man boobs caused by hormone disorder […] Read more »