What is Domiciliary Care?

Aging is inevitable. And some people are scared of getting old. But who can blame them? Being old has some disadvantages. One is the inability of taking care of your own self. When you get too old, you find that doing simple tasks such as taking a bath, brushing your hair, getting dressed, and eating […] Read more »

Will Medicare Pay for Home Health Care?

Nowadays, people want insurance for almost anything, but not as much as an assurance of a complete health care. In the United States, there is a social insurance program, known as Medicare, being administered by its government. Medicare was made to provide health insurances for people who are 65 years old and above, people under […] Read more »

Home Remedies for Food Poisoning

You just ate last night’s dinner and now your stomach is aching. You rush to the bathroom to defecate. You feel sick and you want to throw up. You’re stuck in the bathroom and can’t get up. If this is what is happening to you, then you might be suffering from a case of food […] Read more »

Why is It Important to Know Your Family Medical History?

Fill ing up a family medical history is a very tasking job. It’s tiring having to know whether or not you have any relative who have or had cancer, stroke, heart attack, allergies, and other diseases and conditions. Why is it important to know your family medical history? Why do we have to fill up […] Read more »

Foley Catheters and External Catheters

Foley catheters are a revolutionary type of catheter that allow for long-term patient care. External catheters like condom catheters, Texas catheters and Hollister catheters are simpler in construction and are primarily used for short term or intermittent catheterization. What are the benefits and disadvantages of each kind ? The most common indwelling catheter is a […] Read more »