Why Am I Always So Hungry?

Chronic hunger is most likely the sign of a serious problem – not in the sense that you are sick, but that if you don’t find out the cause, you could very likely end up with a serious condition. At the very least, it probably means that you are not getting the nutrients and vitamins […] Read more »

Zico Coconut Water

Zico Coconut Water is one of the top leading brands out in the market. This brand is helped by the Coca-Cola company. The manufacturers of Zico Coconut Water advise consumers to drink Zico Coconut Water before, after and during exercise. Zico Coconut Water replenishes the body’s fluids. The best thing about Zico coconut water containers […] Read more »

The Great Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known dietary supplement that is made from apple cider. The acetic fermentation causes a sweet aroma, fruity flavor and a lovely color. It is actually good for your health because it does not drastically cut down your weight, but slowly and steadily, it works on those fat cells. You have […] Read more »

It’s Healthy to Drink Wine

In my childhood I did a lot of exercise and obviously didn’t drink much. Unfortunately I became a teenager and the training went out the window and in came drink. Fortunately after a couple of years along cam my future wife and knocked me back into shape. I started training again and my alcohol consumption […] Read more »

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Jasmine Tea

All over the world, numerous individuals like the sweet floral odor and superb jasmine tea health benefits. The tea leaves are altogether mixed with its flowers using a natural process. The jasmine tea is normally combined with other kinds of teas such as green tea, oolong tea, white tea, or black tea to produce a […] Read more »

5 Tips for Juicing Wheatgrass

Extracting the juice from wheatgrass has been touted as a healthy drink over the last few years. The newfound energy, vitamins and cleansing properties of the juice make it an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle. However, getting the juice from the wheatgrass is not quite as simple as orange juice or lemon juice. The […] Read more »

Health Benefits of Garlic for Natural Beauty

Garlic is so ancient that no one is sure of its origin; it is thought to have evolved from the wild garlic family of central Asia and has been used for centuries for its health giving benefits. Allicin is one of the active ingredients responsible for garlic’s ability to suppress the formation of cancer cells […] Read more »

Pros of Raw Almond Butter

Consuming raw almond butter can be very tasty, but it also offers a plethora of health benefits.  Almonds, the no so surprising main ingredient of raw almond butter are rich in a variety of nutrients including vitamin E, protein, and several antioxidants.  Almonds are also a good source of fiber which is essential to regulating […] Read more »

The role of essential amino acids found in chia seeds in the body

Among the nutrient component found in the chia seeds is protein. Proteins are the basic component of countless body tissues. They are the main component in the muscle tissue which helps in the development of muscles, in the increase in strength of mostly used body parts and the improvement of performance expected from athletic people. […] Read more »

Pro Trick Uses Kitchen Home Juicers for Health

There’s a secret the kitchen pro’s know. When you work in a professional kitchen every day, you have to watch your weight, and that can mean dieting. That is difficult if you work in a professional kitchen day in and day out creating the world’s most delicious cuisine. Here’s the trick that involves fresh juiced […] Read more »

Eating Healthy: A Look at the Major Food Groups

You are probably familiar with the Food Guide Pyramid which has been the major source of identifying specific food groups.  This pyramid also served as a guideline on healthy foods that you should eat. The traditional food pyramid however is being challenged by the Harvard School of Public Health.  The prestigious institution has been advocating […] Read more »

Why aren’t you drinking Green Tea

Green Tea is one of those things that sounds too good to be true. On the one hand it is a miracle cure-all capable of helping fight everything from bad breath, through obesity, to cancer and on the other hand – well, its a cup of tea. Just like you’ve been drinking every day since […] Read more »

Wu Yi Chinese Weight Loss Tea

There are dozens of Chinese weight loss teas in the market today. One of these teas is the wu yi tea. This tea is a powerful fat burner and has the capability of burning excess calories in form of fats. The wu yi tea also has a property that helps it boost the metabolism of […] Read more »

Drinking Tea and Coffee Can Lower Your Heart’s Risk of Disease

Individuals who drink plenty of tea or modest amounts of coffee have been found to be less likely to get attacked by heart diseases, as compared to abstainers of coffee or tea. However, there is no research that has such an effect for strokes. The research involving 37,000 Netherland study participants over a time period […] Read more »

Healthy chicken dishes

Cooking chicken dishes in a healthier way is very popular nowadays. There are numerous recipes on how to cook healthy chicken dishes that create appetizing and entirely distinctive variations. Both young kids and adults take pleasure in having chicken whether in their salads, sandwiches, pasta, as full meals or as appetizers. On the positive side, […] Read more »

Stay healthy with fresh fruit juices

We have all heard the expression, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And to a large extent this is true. The more fresh fruit and vegetables we consume, the more vitamins and minerals we get, and the healthier we shall be. There are a variety of health benefits we can get from preparing […] Read more »

Does Damiana Really Work?

Damiana, a fruit-bearing plant native to the southern United States and Mexico, has been used for natural remedies for centuries. It is not the fruit, however, that provides the benefits, but the dried leaves and branches. The shrub is also used as a flavoring, and is a part of many different foods, beverages and liqueurs. […] Read more »

What Can A Good Multivitamin Do For You?

You probably know a few people who take vitamins every day. Perhaps you are wondering if it actually does anything for them. Are they healthier? Do they feel better? The effects may not be terribly obvious but there are plenty of great reasons to take multivitamins. The top reason most people say they take vitamins […] Read more »

Vita Mix juicer: fresh, healthy juices at home

In this modern day and age, many of the fruit juice products sold on the shelves of supermarkets are not at all as natural and organic as they appear to be. Even fruit juice that is labeled to be 100% natural will likely have gone through a mild refining process that may lower the original […] Read more »

Top Fat Burning Foods

Any search on the internet or quick scan through a health book or magazine will undeniably give you some sort of  list of the top fat burning foods, but the problem is usually every list is different and incomplete. However, by stepping back and looking at the items on every list, its easy to determine […] Read more »