How Do You Eat a Pomegranate?

A pomegranate is a deciduous shrub that bears fruit and grows up to eight meters tall. Within its fruit are tasty arils desired for a variety of recipes. But before learning how to make all these dishes, one must first master the trick in preparing and eating pomegranates. This is because pomegranates have this kind […] Read more »

Benefits of Drinking Water with Lemon

We know how vital it is to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. That is because we know how important water is to our body. We cannot live without water. And drinking a lot of water has numerous benefits for us. But what if you add another healthful food to your water, […] Read more »

What are Good Late Night Snacks?

There are various reasons why we stay up late at night. We may be doing some work for school or the office. We could also stay up to watch a movie or a late night show. Whatever the reason may be, it’s always nice to have something to eat while stay up at night. But […] Read more »

What are the Health Benefits of Salmon?

Of all types of meat, fish is considered to be the healthiest. This is due to its low cholesterol amount and as well as its high nutrient content. A perfect example of a healthy type of fish for our diet is no other than the salmon. Salmon is a species of fish that is found […] Read more »

What are the Chewing Gum Benefits?

There are various gums available in the market today. They come in different colors and flavors. Some gums are made for blowing big bubbles. Others are simply for chewing. And these chewing gums have various benefits. So, what are the chewing gum benefits ? Chewing Gum Chewing gum is a confectionary product made of 5 […] Read more »

What are the Blackstrap Molasses Benefits?

Blackstrap molasses is a dark, thick, and viscous syrup that has a bitter-sweet flavor. The name is derived from the Latin word melaceres meaning honey-like. Molasses is the liquid byproduct of sugarcane that undergoes a refining process that eventually yields table sugar. After the third boiling of sugarcane syrup and after the sucrose of the […] Read more »

What are the Capsaicin Health Benefits?

Not everyone appreciates spicy foods. Some people just can’t handle the heat, while others find it as a great appetizer. But most people usually just see chili peppers as a spicy food that either boosts your appetite or make you lose it. Not everyone knows the health benefits you get from these hot peppers. So […] Read more »

How to Eat Sharon Fruit?

Sharon fruit is growing some popularity today. This fruit can be traced back in ancient China and is now enjoyed all around the world. It is a variety of the persimmon fruit but this variety was originally cultivated in the Sharon Valley in Israel, thus giving it its name. The Sharon fruit is quite an […] Read more »

How to Eat Persimmon?

You have probably seen the orange squashed-tomato-like fruit, or perhaps the reddish, acorn-like variety. What you have seen is a persimmon. The two depictions above are the two most popular varieties of persimmon. And now you’re probably wondering how they taste and what the best way to eat these odd-looking fruits. To help you with […] Read more »

What are the Persimmon Health Benefits?

We are all aware of the various vitamins and minerals that one can get from fruits. But some fruits are much more nutritious compared to other fruits. We can get more health benefits from certain fruits. One fruit with a lot of health benefits is persimmon. But what are persimmon health benefits? What is Persimmon? […] Read more »

How to Make Jasmine Tea?

Jasmine Tea, also called as Jasmine Tisane or Jasmine Flower Tea, is an aromatic tea flavored and scented with jasmine flowers. It is commonly made with green tea leaves, or sometimes with oolong tea leaves, as base and is very popular in China. It is popular in Chinese restaurants and markets, and can also be […] Read more »

Does Jasmine Tea have Caffeine?

Tea is one of the most drank beverages in the entire world. A lot of people enjoy a nice cup or two of tea. And there are quite a number of varieties to choose from. There are the plain green tea and black tea. There is also tea mixed with herbs, spices, essential oils and […] Read more »

How long does Garlic Last for When it is Fresh?

Garlic when fresh is at its best. The flavor of fresh garlic is very different when compared with older garlic. This is why fresh garlic is preferred when cooking meals like pasta, Bruschetta, garlic-roasted chicken or any other dish that needs to be flavored by garlic. But how long does garlic last? One must know […] Read more »

Is It Safe to Eat Raw Eggs?

When it comes to eggs, different people have different opinions on how cooked an egg should be. Some prefer their eggs well-done. Others like it a bit undercooked with the yolk still a little bit gooey and liquid. And a few want their eggs raw. Raw eggs are not what most people would think healthy […] Read more »

On The Road To Health

At some point or another most of us find ourselves in the position of wanting to lose some weight and increase the level of our health and fitness. Don’t make the mistake of going on some diet that promises miracles after 7 days and leaves your nutrient levels depleted. These diets usually see you gain […] Read more »

Health Tips for Better Living

If you made a promise to yourself to get healthy and are now looking for health tips there are a number of basics to follow. From what you eat to what you drink, being aware of the foods you are putting into your body will have a huge impact upon your health. Rather than focus […] Read more »

Probiotic Yogurt Diarrhea – can be a side effect

Yogurt other than being really tasty is also very healthy. A lot of people are using this together with antibiotics to reduce and even get rid of any yeast infection. Others are taking in a serving of yogurt every day to help their digestive problems, while others are consuming it for its benefits and its […] Read more »

Common Problems With Cholesterol Testing Kits

The most important aspects of cholesterol testing kits are, like all medical checks, accuracy and consistency. Even a simple thermometer is actually worse than useless unless it can gauge your temperature to a fairly high degree of accuracy and reproduce the same readings time and again. Fortunately most medical testing kits available these days are […] Read more »

Why Should You Drink Water?

You’ve probably heard the common advice – drink 8 glasses or more of water per day for optimal health. But why? What makes water so important? In fact, drinking more water is one of the quickest ways to improve your overall health in nearly every facet of your body. Not convinced? Here are some of […] Read more »

High Blood Pressure Foods To Avoid

High blood pressure is already common nowadays. Many individuals are affected with this medical condition for the reason that they have a poor lifestyle practices such as the improper dietary habits. Eating fast foods in ever increasing number of fast food chains is a good example of a poor dietary habit that these individuals do. […] Read more »