Major and minor whiplash injury symptoms

Studies show that the number of whiplash injuries happening is increasing of late. You may not realize that you have a whiplash injury unless it really becomes severe after many days. The whiplash injury might be very minor one or a major one. Symptoms of Minor Whiplash Injuries A minor whiplash injury might show up […] Read more »

What Are Stress Headaches

You might be experiencing some headaches that might be proving too hard to bear. Most likely, these headaches are due to reasons related to stress and as a result are referred to as stress headaches. These headache types are also referred to as tension headaches. These types of headaches can be aptly categorized into chronic […] Read more »

Deviated Septum Surgery for a Better Looking Nose

The bone and cartilage located in the in nose is called the nasal septum. This separates the nasal cavity into two nostrils. The bones that comprise the septum include the maxillary crest, the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid and vomer. There is also the quadrangular cartilage. The septum lies normally at the center, making nasal […] Read more »

Common migraine causes

Before, migraines are thought to be a symptom of something more serious. Thus, people seek medical help immediately as soon as a migraine-like pain occurs. Today, although there are certain types of migraine that are associated with serious medical conditions, people mostly view migraine as a lifestyle issue. This article provides information regarding the common […] Read more »

Migraine Headache Relief

Headache that include things like nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound, watery eyes is known as a migraine headache. At times, it occurs on one side of your head or forehead while other times, the pain can be felt on both sides. It can be a tricky process to identify the right medication or […] Read more »

Prevention: Home Remedies for migraines

It begins most of the time with a sudden sensitivity to any form of light or sounds. You know you can’t stop it… You know it is coming and there is nothing that you will do that can stop the attack. Migraines are vicious. They strike randomly and there is barely no way to know […] Read more »

Mold related illnesses and symptoms

Several types of household mold can possibly infect your home and each type has a different symptom. Here we are going to look at the types of household mold and what possible health risk they may pose to your family. The most common types of household mold are Altenaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Mucor, and Penicilium. The […] Read more »

Congested Sinus Remedies and Tips

If you have a congested sinus problem you will know how miserable it can make you feel. The headache, which gets worse if you bend your head down, the awful ‘can’t breath properly’ feeling and the continual feeling of tiredness even first thing in the morning are some of the effects of your sinuses being […] Read more »