How Long Does a Wax Last?

Waxing is becoming widely popular today. People, especially women, used to just shave their unwanted hair with a razor. But today, a lot of waxing salons have opened up and people choose waxing as the best method of hair removal. All hair removals have their pros and cons. But one of the factors that people […] Read more »

Laser Equipment For Hair Removal

Laser hair removing equipment can be bought for different purposes: to be used at a clinic, or at a beauty salon; some people even want to have them at their homes. But before you commit a purchase, you should know what to look for. Laser Hair Removal Machines Types The first laser hair removing technology […] Read more »

Laser Hair Removal: Knowing the Right Price

Are you already fed up with plucking away all those unwanted hairs from different parts of your body where you don’t need them? Laser hair removal serves as the best solution to the problem. However, there is an underlying problem to this solution. Laser hair removal treatment is a complicated process wherein there is a […] Read more »

Facial Hair Removal: The Most Popular Methods

Many women struggle with facial hair removal everyday. Facial hair can be a source of embarrassment for a woman because it is seen as unacceptable in the western world. There are a few different methods for facial hair removal. The most popular are shaving, waxing, sugaring, depilatory creams, electrolysis and laser hair removal. Shaving is […] Read more »

Facial Hair Removal Products for Women

Some people have facial hair growth due to several reasons. Women who are in the menopause stage find unwanted hair growing on the neck, chin and upper lip etc. While some of them have thick hair growth genetically, some of them can also develop hair due to the consumption of certain medications like hormones etc. […] Read more »

The Best Methods Of Facial Hair Removal For Women

Many women experience the embarrassing condition of too much, too dark, or too thick of facial hair. There are several methods of facial hair removal available to combat the condition. Below are listed the most popular types of treatments. Some women have tried shaving as a way to rid themselves of facial hair. Shaving is […] Read more »

Why You Should Shave Your Back

While it is an inheritance we get from being mammals, body hair is no longer necessary for survival. Since it grows out of our bodies naturally, there are those who feel that it should be left alone no matter how long it grows or even if it creates problems. Excess sweating, hung zippers, shedding, and […] Read more »

Laser Hair Removal Training School

The interest in laser hair removal has spiked in the past decade, and in turn, more and more schools are putting forward the opportunity to learn about this industry. It used to be cus tomary for only doctors, such as surgeons and dermatologists, to perform procedures on the skin. Now, with new technology in laser […] Read more »

Permanent Hair Removal Products

We really have it in for the unwanted hair that grows on our bodies and faces. We try and scrape it off with sharp razors, we pull it out screaming from the roots with wax or epilators. We burn it off with chemical depilatory creams. And it has the audacity to come back fighting and […] Read more »

Common Methods of facial hair removal

There are several methods of hair removal. In this article I will describe the procedure of laser hair removal and waxing. Both are excellent methods of facial hair removal. 1. The treatment of laser hair removal. 2. Waxing There are many advantages and disadvantages for  each method. Safe methods of permanent hair removal: The reputation […] Read more »