Home Fitness Is The New Way to Go

Going to the gym can be a hassle for some people. You need to show up when the gym is open and sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the gym. For some women, they don’t like the dressing-up part where they have to dress in cute gym outfits. Most people nowadays opt for […] Read more »

How Many Calories do I Burn Walking a Mile?

Staying fit has become a lifestyle yearned by many people. Losing the extra weight and burning calories are desired by many health and figure-conscious people. Whether going to the gym or just simply doing rounds in the neighborhood, people are trying to lose unwanted fat all the same. And for those budget-constrained people, walking and/or […] Read more »

Get Individual Attention at Fitness Studios

People get quality training at Fitness Studios unlike other clubs and gyms where they land up only wasting their money and resources as people often take memberships of such places but fail to follow a regular routine of going and exercising and therefore, fail to achieve the desired fitness. The Fitness Studios are supposed to […] Read more »

How Healthy Are Protein Shakes?

You’ve no doubt noticed the physical-fitness worldwide trend, and the ensuing onslaught of products revolving around the exercise industry, including protein shakes, bars, and other supplements that pepper the check-out aisles of supermarkets all over the world. You’ve probably tried these products yourself; in fact, you may take one or more on a regular basis. […] Read more »

Bodybuilding Foods: How to bulk up fast

Okay, let us say that you just finished another grueling day at the gym working out your muscles. After giving your body one hell of a beating, what’s next? Do you just go home, hit the showers and dive into your bed and sleep? Is that what you normally do? A lot of people are […] Read more »

How to Do Strength Training over 40?

You might have noticed that as you get older, you become more prone to getting illnesses and diseases. You might have also observed that recoveri ng from a simple flu is harder these days as compared to when you were at your twenty’s or thirty’s. As a matter of fact, an average person that is […] Read more »

Getting The Most Out of Pilates Class at the Gym

Pilates has been made famous by celebs who claim it has radically changed their bodies. Yes, I’m sure it has. I’m also sure that they have a top of the line pilate s reformer and an equally as fancy trainer to give guidance along the way. For the common folk, it’s more likely that we have […] Read more »