Managing Pregnancy Blood Pressure Using Home Fitness Equipment

Having blood pressure problems during pregnancy can be frightening. However, there are many ways in which you can keep it under control and maintain a healthy level including using home exercise equipment. A shocking number of women experience low blood pressure when they are expecting; it is necessary to keep these levels normal to ensure […] Read more »

Shake Weight – A Fitness Device for Both Men and Women

People spend a large part of their lives, worrying about their bodies. Weight loss is particularly a major concern for women. Fad diets and working out in the gym don’t work for too long and most people can’t cope with them. So here is a product that makes weight loss seem literally easy to handle. […] Read more »

Are Gym Machines Really a Good Investment?

Every time you turn the TV on you see advertisements for some type of home gym machine. This one will help you exercise your abs, that one will help build upper-body strength, and yet another will help you get rid of those flabby arms. Does any of this stuff really work ? Is it really […] Read more »

Training With Ellipticals Half an Hour A Day

Home gym machines that offer benches and adjustable weights are practical for those who have a muscle building routine and need to target specific areas. However not everyone is training as a bodybuilder, in fact many athletes need to build up stamina and do more cardio intense workouts while building toned legs and arms. Those […] Read more »

What You Need To Consider Before Buying A New Treadmill

Many people are now turning their backs on overpriced and overcrowded gyms and our using their own living space to work out and keep fit. This has been helped by the boom of the home fitness industry which can now provide a huge range of different fitness equipment and features to suit the needs of […] Read more »

Lynx Portable Back Stretcher Review

Back pain is mainly the reason why people purchase back stretchers. There are many reasons why you need a back stretcher actually. Especially if your are already old and suffering from medical conditions where inversion will never be a good option but you still w ant to get involve in an stretching exercise for overall […] Read more »

Used Exercise Equipment Can Help People Get Fit and Save Money

Many people would like to start working out and increasing their own level of personal fitness. However, as the typical story goes, the competitive atmosphere of a traditional gym can be found to be extremely intimidating and uncomfortable. This leads many people to try to workout in their own home to escape the social perils […] Read more »

Which Water Bottles Are Safe?

You think that drinking more water is good for your health.  You are concerned about the environment, so you stop buying all those plastic disposable water bottles and then the news reports that those hard plastic refillable water bottles are releasing BPA into your water.  While all of us deal with poisons in degrees, if […] Read more »

Why Use a Lap Pool?

Cardiovascular exercise is the key to losing weight and keeping it off, and doctors recommend at least one hour per day of high intensity workouts to keep your heart rate up.  Keeping your body from accumulating fat is obviously a concern, but those with joint or back problems have difficulty running or biking in order […] Read more »

Weider Powerswitch Adjustable Dumbbell

Weider Powerswitch Adjustable Dumbbell is one of the best adjustable dumbbells ever made. It is very convenient and easy to use. It has adjustable knobs which makes it easy to switch from one weight to another. It is composed of a pair of durable dumbbells with a maximum resistance of 100 lbs adjustable in 5 […] Read more »

The Precautions When Using Electric Treadmills

It is truthful to say that exercising is good for the body. Sedentary lifestyle is always discouraged due to possible fat clogs in the body system. This is the reason why doctors and nurses continually encourage the mass to engage in sports or any indoor or outdoor activities that will tighten the muscle and improve […] Read more »

Using An Outdoor Chin Up Bar To Increase Your Fitness

If you like pumping your lungs with fresh air during a work out, an outdoor chin up bar might be the best option for you. Like indoor chin up bars — such as the wall-mounted and doorway varieties — outdoor chin up bars allow you to perform multiple exercises to develop your upper body and […] Read more »

Manual Cheap Treadmills Are More Relaxing

Have you ever fallen down on a motorized treadmill? It hurts like crazy doesn’t it? The biggest problem with motorized treadmills is that they don’t necessarily stop if you fall down on them. Sure, some of them have safety belts that will automatically turn off the moving belt if pulled out but you’re still going […] Read more »

Increasing Flexibility and the Pilates Machine

If you lack flexibility or would like to have more range of motion for your muscles, a Pilates machine might something you may want to look into. Because Pilates machines aids you in doing Pilates workouts, you can greatly increase your flexibility by using one. What are the benefits of increasing flexibility? Read on to […] Read more »

The Best Cheap Treadmills on the Market

The treadmill is one of the best home gym exercise machines out on the market and one of the easiest to use. However, treadmills tend to be very expensive and require a lot of money to replace parts if they ever break for whatever reason. Here are the best cheap treadmills you can buy that […] Read more »

The Different Inversion Machine Options

There is a great deal of variety available when it comes to the inversion machine. There are many different types of these products that work in various amounts of ways. There are several different manufacturers in this industry that build these types of products. Obviously all of them are not made equal and some manufacturers […] Read more »

Diversify Your Workout With Body Solid Fitness Equipment

Among the many types of equipment that it provides, Body Solid is a supplier of several popular freeweight systems, perfect for anyone desiring a more versatile workout.  These usually employ a stack of weights that can be controlled by the user via a pin assembly that enables him to adjust how much weight he is […] Read more »

Can Compression Socks Improve Performance In Athletes?

It is often debated whether or not compression socks and stocking can help athletes to improve their performance. Whether or not simple footwear can really help them to improve blood circulation and therefore increasing healing time and energy levels. It is even thought that improved circulation can also help an athletes endurance. Athletes are constantly […] Read more »

How do you use inversion tables?

At first glance, when seeing an inversion table for the first time, most people ask the question of How do you use inversion tables, and for very good reason. Inversion tables look very complicated to use and also can look fairly intimidating at times. However, after some very basic training and practice most people notice […] Read more »