How to Increase Height

In today’s generation, height means everything. It denotes power, position, and beauty. If you are tall, you will be seen as someone who is powerful, respectable and at the same time beautiful. These three adjectives are thought to automatically follow the word “height” because of the attention that tall people get from the public nowadays […] Read more »

Does Swimming Make you Taller?

A person’s height is somehow pre-determined by his or her genes. However, genes alone do not completely dictate the height that he or she will fully reach. Oftentimes, what a person needs in order to grow taller is a mixture of specific hormones and proper diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. The environment is an […] Read more »

Some Help Choosing the Right Doorway Chin Up Bar

A perfect upper body workout is best achieved with the right equipment, and the most convenient way to get that workout is by purchasing a doorway chin up bar and installing it in your home. The chin up bar is a traditional method of getting that sculpted and fit upper body and the continued use […] Read more »

How to Make the Most Out Of Your Home Fitness Equipment

Millions of people are spending their hard earned money trying to get back into shape, which is worth every penny considering you really can’t put a price tag on good health. The popularity of gym facilities has risen over the years to accommodate local residents. The fitness industry is a billion dollar industry and it […] Read more »

Is the Ab Lounge Sport useful?

The Ab Lounge Sport is one of the most popular fitness equipment for the abs and has been in the market for quite some time. The machine allows the user to perform crunches easily at home. However all this time, the question of whether the product actually works has not been successful answered. Some people […] Read more »

The Pros of Using Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells have surely evolved over time. Traditionally, there was the free weights type of dumbbells. Then, there are the adjustable dumbbells, which are also now available in the market. The free-weight style is still common many weightlifters so there are still companies that offer this type of weights. Nevertheless, a lot of companies have started […] Read more »

Are Pushups Effective for Building Muscles?

One thing that I get asked on a regular basis is whether pushups are really effective for building muscles and I always reply that they absolutely are. Doing pushups is one of the easiest ways to increase muscle mass and all it requires is good form and some floor space. For a beginner, it might […] Read more »

What You Must Do Before Buying a Bike Trainer

When buying indoor bike trainers, such as the CycleOps Fluid  Trainer, it might be worth it to pay a bit more and get a quality machine. Remember, there are a few variations of them that are sold. However, the cheapest models tend to give out very quickly, and really are only able to handle lighter […] Read more »

Exercises for Tennis Elbow Treatment

Home remedies, medication, surgery and exercises are the main options for tennis elbow treatment. Home remedies are absolutely effective in controlling swelling and inflammation. But, in case of a problem at severe or moderate level, home remedy will not be enough by itself. Medication can allow only short term relief. Surgery can have high possibility […] Read more »

Cross Fit Exercise Routines

If you want to know how to lose fat weight and maintain a strong and healthy body, then it would be best if you were into a healthy, well-balanced diet and an exercise routine that you can do on a regular basis. If you want to learn about cross fit exercise, then here are the […] Read more »

How to Choose the Right Home Exercise Equipment

People have been into the exercise craze to get buff and toned. Who would not when the media has been hailing the glory of a well toned body. So some flock to gyms, while others want to exercise in the confines of their own home, making it a good choice to buy home exercise equipment. […] Read more »

Getting Ripped Fast

To get ripped in 90 days might sound like an unreachable goal to some , but it is actually possible and there are people who have done it. Getting a world class body takes a great amount of work and dedication. It takes  determination to lose weight and to maintain a great physique once it […] Read more »

Creatine And Muscle Building

Pumping iron is no longer fun when you have not seen results for a long time. You may feel that your body is no longer rock solid and you may even observe that your triceps are starting to sag. The best way to keep or maintain a “ripped” body is to take the best supplements […] Read more »

Self Defense Training – Find the Best Martial Arts Dojo

The basis of many self-defense classes is some form of martial arts. In fact, certified black belt instructors teach many personal defense classes. Many people seeking self defense tips and training don’t wish to stop after a few classes teaching the basics. Studying martial arts can give you the tools and techniques to defend yourself […] Read more »

Stay-At-Home Moms Love Jillian Michaels DVDs

Jillian Michaels fitness workouts are very popular with women (her 30 Day Shred is great). Stay-at-home moms who find it difficult to get out of the house to workout like womens exercise DVDs because they can workout at home at a time that is good for them and it costs relatively little compared to going […] Read more »

Top Tennis Wear Choices – Tennis Skorts

When you love to play tennis, nothing can keep you from the court. Whether it’s a friendly game between pals or a competitive match as part of a tournament, there’s nothing like the exhilaration of playing well. Part of being able to play well is having the right attire, both stylistically and practically, trying to […] Read more »

The Benefits of Fitness Watches for Runners

A good fitness or running watch can provide amazing benefits to runners. Interestingly enough, time keeping is not the most popular use for these products anymore. Instead, many runners use them to track their total distances traveled, pace, or speed. One might prefer visiting the gym to test their endurance level through the elliptical, but […] Read more »

How Agility Exercises Will Help You With Tennis

Everyone who plays tennis would love to somehow move more smoothly when they are on the court. Doing this requires getting involved with tennis agility training. There are plenty of coaches and players who are not familiar with taking advantage of tennis agility. Low-level tennis players are not made to undergo agility training but this […] Read more »

How To Teach Kettlebell Classes

After I received my kettlebell instructor certification I got hired by a local Crossfit Gym to teach classes. Once each week I would be teaching a group of people who had never before touched a Russian kettlebell how to use these strength tools. They can be pretty intimidating at first, but I knew how to […] Read more »

Kettlebell – The best tool for losing love handles

Do you know that best love handle exercises are not created specially for love handles, but they usually are use to train your whole body and burn a lot of fats? And the best exercises, that will make you lose love handle and reduce overall fat levels in your body are done with kettlebell. However […] Read more »