What is Comfort Care?

Death in a family is tough. And sometimes, knowing someone who is terminally ill is even tougher, especially when you think that there is nothing you can really do for him/her. If you have someone dear to you, like a family member, suffering from a disease with no exact cure, then your doctors might have […] Read more »

Stair Lifts For The Elderly

When you are old and having troubles such as joint disease, relatively easy chores including sitting on a couch may turn out to be challenging. Requiring support in basic chores such as getting around the place, going for a bath or standing up from a couch may hurt one’s self confidence sometimes. Once we become […] Read more »

Shopping for Post Maternity Swimwear

If you are keen to get back into shape quickly after the birth of your baby then it is important to take part in regular exercise. Breast feeding and a sensible healthy diet can help you to lose the weight but your abdominal muscles in particular will have been weakened during pregnancy and to get […] Read more »

Planning a Variety of Activities for the Elderly

A few years back I worked at an assisted living home. I served as the activities director for the facility and spent the majority of my time planning meaningful things to do with the residents. We had a daily walking club and weekly bingo games, among many other activities scheduled throughout the week. During my […] Read more »