Some Delicious Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

Being diabetic is difficult. You have to be vigilant with your medications. You need to be aware of the dosage of your medicine and the time you need to take it. But this goes with many types of illness and diseases. What makes having diabetes even more difficult compared to other conditions is that you […] Read more »

Treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers With The Best Footwear

If you have diabetes then you probably know who serious it is to develop foot ulcers. One of the most frequent long term complications for diabetic people is in fact problems with their feet. Many diabetics come down with peripheral neuropathy and peripheral artery disease each of which makes the effects of diabetes even more […] Read more »

Diabetes and Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a serious disease in which elevated levels of glucose occur in the blood because of an inability of the body to properly process the glucose derived from foods eaten each day. To manage the diabetic condition, most people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar levels fairly frequently and one of the most important […] Read more »

Breakfasts for Diabetics

Most diabetics don’t eat breakfast and if they do, they eat the wrong food. They have sugar along with refined carbohydrates …the perfect example is a donut or breakfast cereal.  The feeling of being full doesn’t last long in before you are starving again. Diabetics must have three good meals a day and thee smaller […] Read more »

Diagnosing Diabetic Symptoms Early

Diabetes is a condition that is as a result of high blood glucose levels that result from inability of the body to be able to cope with sugar. Insulin which is a hormone that is responsible for controlling the level of sugar in the human’s body. Diabetes is usually caused by insufficient production of this […] Read more »

Dietary Fiber Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetes

Diabetes and high blood sugar levels Diabetes is caused by higher than normal blood sugar levels that continue to exist for extended periods of time in the body. If the diabetic condition is not brought under control, diabetes can become a life-shortening disease that cannot be cured, even in this miracle age of medicines and […] Read more »

Adjusting to Diabetic Cooking Requirements

There are 20 million Americans who are affected with diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association. If a person is diagnosed with diabetes, one thing you will eventually need to learn more about is the unique necessities of a diabetic diet. Most dietitians and physicians encourage diabetics to eat normally, but in moderation. There is […] Read more »

Gestational Diabetes and the Gestational Diabetes Diet

What is Gestational Diabetes? Unlike other forms of diabetes, gestational diabetes is a temporary condition that is only diagnosed in some women when they are pregnant. It is not a common occurrence but it is thought to exist during approximately three to eight percent of pregnancies in America. It may be growing in its incidence […] Read more »

An American Epidemic, Explaining Diabetes and Blood Sugar Levels

Don’t become part of the epidemic If you are overweight and have not seen a doctor in recent years, it might be a good time to do so now. Here is why Diabetes is a chronic non-infectious disease in which the glucose in a person’s bloodstream, which occurs quite naturally after eating food, remains in […] Read more »

Managing Insulin Production With Food

Statistics reveal that nearly one in three people are on their way toward developing diabetes. Along the path to full blown type-2 diabetes is insulin resistance and your ability to manage insulin production and your body’s sensitivity towards it may be the difference in whether you develop diabetes or avoid it. Unfortunately most people who […] Read more »

How to Lower your Blood Sugar Levels?

Each and every food we eat is changed to glucose in our stomachs and then is transported into the blood stream. Each food is also assigned a glycemic index number which is a measurement of how much the particular food causes a rise in blood sugar levels. In people with a normal blood sugar level […] Read more »

What is the Relation Between Diabetes and Muscle Loss?

I just want to start out by saying that I am not a doctor. I am simply a diabetic or patient blogger as many people refer to us as. Today I would like to talk about the disease known as diabetes and its effects on muscle loss. Diabetes is an endocrine related disease and can […] Read more »