What is the Difference between Leukemia and Lymphoma?

We are all too familiar with the disease that has taken numerous lives. Many people suffer from various types of cancer. But not all of us are familiar with all of these kinds of cancer. Two types that may confuse a lot of people are leukemia and lymphoma. The two are closely related and are […] Read more »

Cancer Life Insurance 101

Cancer life insurance can provide excellent protection for those that have had previous cancer or still continue to have it. Security Life Insurance Company is not a company that offers cancer policies but, they do offer some excellent products that can help many people and give them a secure feeling about their future. There are […] Read more »

My Kidney Cancer And What We Can Learn From It

Is that a coincidence? It can’t be. My wife just got diagnosed with breast cancer seven months ago. And that guy on the other side of the phone just told me that I had kidney cancer. Well, if there is anything good coming out of it, we could conclusively determine that my wife’s cancer and […] Read more »

How To Cope With Asbestos Lung Mesothelioma

Asbestos lung mesothelioma is known as a hazardous substance that would badly impact the lives of people which are exposed or even working with this; and also, maybe even the individuals they are living for. This induces the formation of asbestos lung Mesothelioma, a rare sort of cancer. An individual may grow this particular illness […] Read more »

Do I really need mole removal surgery?

Most people wouldn’t know the answer to this question but it is a very important question to answer.  If you ignore it you could miss the early warning signs associated with a particularly nasty skin cancer called melanoma.  The only good thing about melanoma is that if you catch it early enough you have a […] Read more »