Why Does My Dog Smell so Bad?

For dog-lovers, dogs are just the most adorable creatures. And what’s the best way to show your affection for man’s best friend than giving your pet a hug. But this can be a bit difficult if your dog smells. So what? You’ll just have to give your dog a bath right? But if the smell […] Read more »

What are the Signs of Kidney Failure in Dogs?

Kidney disease is a serious condition that is not uncommon in dogs, especially those with old age. This disease has two forms namely acute and chronic. Acute kidney disease occurs in a short period of time while the chronic kidney disease happens in a slow progressive process. When a dog’s kidneys begin to lose around […] Read more »

Types of Food that are Poisonous to Dogs

Most dogs would eat anything. From your leftovers to the food you still intend on eating and to their own pet food. However, pet owners and dog lovers should be aware that not all foods are safe for man’s best friend. Some food can be quite toxic to dogs. Below are types of food that […] Read more »

Fish Oil for Dogs: Can I Give My Dog Fish Oil?

We are all familiar of the many wonderful health benefits of fish oil. Men and women both enjoy the many benefits that fish oil give. But the benefits of this amazing supplement are not limited for humans alone. Fish oil is also for man’s best friend. Fish oil for dogs Can I give my dog […] Read more »

Cat Allergy Solutions: Doesn’t Involve Getting Rid Of Your Cats

Typically, when a person gets sick because of something they have eaten, inhalated, touched, the first response of the individual is to take note of the causative agent and avoid that at all cause. But those with pet allergies may feel ambivalent towards the issue especially those who adore their pets. The dilemma that they […] Read more »