How Long Does Poison Oak Last?

Poison oak, just like poison ivy and poison sumac, causes allergic contact dermatitis because of the presence of urushiol oil. This oil is naturally found in these plants’ roots, leaves and twigs. When the urushiol oil comes in contact with the skin (usually sensitive skin), rashes develop and begin to appear within 8 to 72 […] Read more »

Indoor Allergies Can Be Costly

If someone in your family is suffering from indoor allergies there are many things that you can do to help make them feel better. Allergies are often a result of contaminants in the home that can easily be remedied with a little care and attention. The key is to get a proper diagnosis from a […] Read more »

Allergy testing children problems

Paying for allergy testing children would usually need to be done out of your own pocket because of the fact that these are not essential medical services that you need to improve the condition of your body or extend your life. However, if you suffer from these, you know that it can change the experience […] Read more »

Dust Mite Allergy Symptoms And Management

Dust mites are not just dust particles. These are actually small insects that become visible against a dark background. Most of these creatures live with us inside our very own houses. All around the world, these small creatures are present in houses because they consume the human dead cells. Like most annoying pests at home, […] Read more »

Do You Have a Food Intolerence?

Recently scientific research has revealed that many more people than was once believed suffer from food intolerances.  In fact, some experts believe that somewhere between 15% and 25% of the population in the United States presently suffers from some sort of food sensitivity.  Unlike a food allergy, which is an auto immune response, a food […] Read more »

How to Get Allergy Relief

Allergies are nothing but a reaction of the defense system of your body. Whenever the immune system sends a misguided reaction to foreign substances, particularly the agents of an infection, the body causes allergies. The substances that trigger allergic reactions are know as allergens. Allergies can develop at any age but the risk of developing […] Read more »

Are You Suffering From Eczema? Here Is How To Treat It.

Eczema, also called irritant contact dermatitis is very common among infants although it can affect anyone at any age. This is a condition that is characterized by inflammation of the skin, drying, pain, itchiness, skin flaking, blisters, weeping, cracking, crusting, leaking and extreme itchiness. The first thing you should do is try to relive the […] Read more »

The Hidden Food Allergy: Corn

Corn allergies may be the most undiagnosed food allergy in the Un ite d States due to its presence in nearly all processed foods.  Because people are overexposed, they never realize what is making them sick.  Corn allergies can often be misdiagnosed as IBS, Arthritis, Thyroid Disorders, Obesity and more.  In reality, it could be […] Read more »

Warm Mist Humidifier For Your Health

If you’re fighting allergies, getting coughs, colds, ear infections, or whatever ailment is going around this time of year, chances are your symptoms can be alleviated by using a warm mist humidifier. The steam coming from the humidifier provides a great amount of relief by opening up your sinuses, and the humid air itself will […] Read more »