Do Natural Acne Scar Treatments Exist?

There are many different ailments that the human body can suffer from and some of them can be extremely troubling to the individual concerned. Acne is one of the most common, especially with teenagers. In fact around 3 out of 4 teenagers will suffer from acne at some point during their teen life. Obviously, having […] Read more »

Laser Treatment for Individuals with Acne

So your pores got clogged and oily and left you with a gnarly case of acne.  And then things went from bad to worse when you were left with scars.  Luck for you,  these indentations and scars left from acne are far from permanent!  In fact, there have been amazing breakthroughs in acne fighting, most […] Read more »

Remove or Reduce Acne Redness

It’s always a relief when, after a long struggle, acne finally goes away. Well, almost always. In some cases, it leaves behind an unpleasant reminder: acne redness. Acne redness results from the healing process and is technically known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. While this is actually a good sign – it means your skin is healing […] Read more »

Severe Acne Treatment Guide

When acne is already in the severe stage, inflammation, deep cysts, and scarring are already visible. During this time, patients really have a hard time socializing with other people because of embarrassment and low self-confidence. Minor acne when left untreated will eventually lead to a more severe form and will take a longer time to […] Read more »

9 Home Acne Remedies

Acne or pimples are common among teenagers. In this stage of growth and development, the sebaceous glands of teenagers tend to expand and generate more sebum. The increased generation of sebum is due to the influence of hormones, specifically the androgen hormones. The sebum production will usually decrease after the age of 20, but there […] Read more »

Pimple Cream – How to find the best one

Something that many teenagers have to deal with now on a constant basis is to try and get rid of pimples on their skin as they feel the pressure to look as great as they possibly can. A particular reason why a lot of people struggle to get rid of pimples is that they are […] Read more »

Preventing cystic pimples

Cystic pimples are very annoying not only aesthetically but also painful. They are larger and harder than the normal pimples caused mainly due to clogging of the skin pores. They occur mostly in teenagers due to their normal hormonal body changes. The main causes of adult cystic acne and pimples are an excess production of […] Read more »

3 Best Methods for How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Many people experience acne scarring on their face to some degree throughout their lifetimes.  Matter of fact more than half the world sports a scar on their body somewhere as a result of having bad acne which didn’t heal on the skin properly. The question that a large amount of that 50 plus per […] Read more »

Daily Exercise for Good Skin

Most people care about the way their skin looks because it is the first thing that others notice. Like it or not, our complexion is a signal to others as to our health and overall attractiveness. While it’s never a good thing to get caught up on the more superficial aspects of good skin, there […] Read more »

Guidelines on How to Get an Acne Scar Treatment

Nowadays, acne scar treatment is considered the best way to get rid of current acne and acne scar problems. Over-the-counter treatment and antibiotics deemed ineffective because of unjust overuse. For someone who wants to feel and look good, this treatment is their best option available. Yet, just like any other medical and surgical treatment, getting […] Read more »

The Importance of Lotions that Help Fight Acne

It is best to incorporate a comprehensive 3-step acne fighting system containing a facial cleanser, facial astringent, and a lotion. One of the more important components to your acne fighting arsenal is the medicated lotion. The lotion will keep fighting against acne on an on going basis, buff off dead skin cells, seal in moisture […] Read more »

Treating Chin Acne

Although considered by many to be mostly a teen problem, adults often also must deal with acne in some form. Women seem to be especially affected by chin acne. It can be embarrassing, but even more important, if it gets bad enough can cause significant scarring. Acne, no matter where it occurs on the body, […] Read more »

Acne Treatment: What Exactly is Acne?

Acne Treatment: What Exactly is Acne? Acne is one of the most common skin problems affecting teenagers. Unfortunately, the damage and scarring that it does to the skin can continue into adulthood, causing embarrassment and other psychological problems if the proper anti acne cream or treatment is used. Acne has several different stages, beginning from […] Read more »

Be Careful with Pregnancy Acne Treatments

A lot of women suffer from pregnancy acne within the first trimester of their pregnancies. That’s because once pregnant, their hormones decide to go on a roller-coaster ride just like a teenager at an amusement park. And that roller-coaster ride affects their complexion. You see the sebaceous oil glands in their skin tend to go […] Read more »

Best Homemade Acne Masks

Acne is troublesome and embarrassing. Fortunately, the best homemade acne masks can be made with products which you may already have on hand. You do not need to purchase expensive acne products which contain chemicals. Homemade face masks for acne are much healthier. BAKING SODA One of the easiest homemade facial masks for acne is […] Read more »

How to Remove Acne on the Back of My Head

Acne can be found on many parts of the body.  No one really knows the exact reason why some people are prone to acne.  Some say it is the collection of oils and others say that it is caused by excess sweating or even you may have a pre-disposition to acne based on heredity.  No […] Read more »

Acne Product Advice: Choosing the Right Acne Product

If you are suffering from acne, you may be struggling with exactly what type of acne product will work for you.  Maybe you are just starting to suffer from acne breakouts, or maybe you have been trying many different products that your friends and commercials have recommended.  Whatever the case is, I am going to […] Read more »

The Right Acne Home Remedies

What is the best way of discovering the right acne treatment for you and your skin? First, it should be made of all-natural ingredients that will not harm your skin. Your skin is already in a poor condition so the last thing you need is to expose it to harmful ingredients. So first of all, […] Read more »

What can you use to get rid of Blackheads?

A lot of people who are plagued by acne are prone to asking this two common questions, what can you use to get rid of blackheads and how to remove acne scars? If you too are plagued by acne and desperately want to be forever free from it and the marks and scars that it […] Read more »

Treating Acne And Facial Eczema At The Same Time

Having an outbreak of acne during an eczema flare up can feel like you have added insult to injury. If you are already feeling self conscious about your eczema, the added anxiety of acne may completely overwhelm you. Now you are faced with the difficult challenge of treating both acne and eczema at the […] Read more »