Cat Allergy Solutions: Doesn’t Involve Getting Rid Of Your Cats

Typically, when a person gets sick because of something they have eaten, inhalated, touched, the first response of the individual is to take note of the causative agent and avoid that at all cause. But those with pet allergies may feel ambivalent towards the issue especially those who adore their pets. The dilemma that they usually have is whether to give up their pets or suffer hypersensitivity reactions. Thanks to the latest advancement in technology and science, cats and cat allergic individuals can now live in relative harmony.

There are many cat allergy solutions shared by fellow cat lovers, experts and doctor alike. Doctor will most likely prescribe you medications that will assist in limiting your hypersensitivity reactions. Antihistamine, anticongestants, steroids and epinephrine are the most common indicated medicine for this condition. Moreover, proper hand washing and general cleanliness of the surrounding is advised. It is necessary to use HEPA vacuum and air filter in order to destroy those allergens. These allergens are so small that special filter is used to thoroughly filter it. Other than vacuuming, vapor steam cleaners are proven by studies to help in killing cat proteins and dander. This is best for hard to reach places like upholstery. In addition to that, steam cleansers provide chemical free way of annihilating bacteria, mold spores and dust mites. General cleaning of drapes, rags and beddings should be wash twice a month in 140 Fahrenheit water. Other than, just managing the allergen content around the house, it is also best to avoid allergen at all cause so new rules should be set. Cats are not allowed in the person’s bedroom or bed. Second, feline are given a contained area to roam around. Third, cats would probably hate this but they need to have regular baths or use liquid cat cleanser on their coat to kill those allergens.

Cat allergy is actually brought by 5 allergens in cats: dander, saliva, urine and sebaceous glands secretions. Having cat allergy does not necessarily mean getting rid of your beloved cats. You just need compliance to these tested and proven cat allergy solutions. Remember, to take care of your health and watch out for anaphylactic reactions and frequent exacerbation of your condition, if this persists consult your doctor.

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