Can You Eat Cheesecake when you’re Pregnant?

Let me guess, you have been craving for a slice or two of cheesecake, have you? But you are not sure whether or not it is safe for you and for your baby. Can you eat cheesecake when pregnant? Is it safe to have cheesecake when you are pregnant? Just like so many mother-to-be, food choices are always important. What you eat can affect your health as a pregnant woman and the health of your unborn child. So, can you eat cheesecake?

One of the major problems that pregnant women wonder about when eating cheesecake is listeria. Listeria is a type of bacteria that can cause miscarriage, infections to the newborn baby, premature delivery, and even giving birth to a dead child. It is a scary thing to think of. You don’t want to harm your baby’s health in any way.

However, when you consider other factors and look at the bigger picture, listeria is not as scary you would think it is. The chances of you getting listeria are quite small. Even when you take into consideration the fact that you are pregnant, the risks are still not as big of a deal. There are only about 2,500 people in the United States that get infected by listeria. And only 27% of these people are pregnant women.

Another thing is that, not all types of cheesecakes are at high risks of containing listeria. As long as the cheesecake is pasteurized, it is perfectly safe for pregnant women to consume. Baked cheesecakes are also safe for anyone to eat. Pasteurization and heating kills bacteria like listeria. So, as long as the cheesecake is made with pasteurized cheese and/or cooked, you can enjoy this dessert any time of the day. And that is considering that the cheesecake isn’t spoiled.

If you intend to bake your own cheesecake, do check the ingredients that you are buying. Check the packaging to see that the cheese is pasteurized. You won’t have much difficulty with this as all you really have to do is to read the label. Check the same thing with the other ingredients that you need. Be sure that all of these have been processed properly. It would also be better if you bake your cheesecake, just so you can be sure that there are no bacteria left in any of the ingredients. And if you’re buying the cheesecake, ask about it, the ingredients and how it was prepared.

Can you eat cheesecake when pregnant? I say yes. It’s perfectly safe as long as it falls within the guidelines. And you’re going to be a mother, so indulge yourself a little.

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