Can Spider Veins Be Treated?

There is the great problem nowadays that many people struggle to understand – spider veins. It is a growing occurrence in our society and so consequently, there is a bigger need than ever for people to want to know how to get rid of spider veins. What one must understand is that after performing the treatment, spider veins can reappear almost anywhere in the body; hence it is important to know what causes spider veins before having the treatment. That way, therapy hopefully will not be needed as time moves on.

The view of most experts in this field is that spider veins are unfortunately hereditary so it is hard to prevent them coming in the first place. Furthermore, statistics show that a woman is more likely to get them than a man and people who are older are also at a higher risk of having them. In order to reduce the chance of getting them, it is necessary that one should exercise regularly and try to have a healthy diet so the veins are not put under stress – thus lessening the likelihood of the spider veins coming.

However if they do come, fortunately there are treatments that can be taken in order to get rid of them. First of all, there is the choice of taking electrolysis treatment where a needle is placed on the specified vein and an electric current is shot out; leading to the vein collapsing. In addition, there is also the choice of taking laser treatment which is a similar, less painful process. The only downside to these treatments is that the cost of them is fairly expensive and a significant amount of downtime is needed so one can recover.

On the whole, spider veins can be incredibly annoying but can be treated; what one should take into account is that there are pros and cons to having spider vein treatment done.

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