Can Compression Socks Improve Performance In Athletes?

It is often debated whether or not compression socks and stocking can help athletes to improve their performance. Whether or not simple footwear can really help them to improve blood circulation and therefore increasing healing time and energy levels. It is even thought that improved circulation can also help an athletes endurance.

Athletes are constantly looking for an edge. They are constantly looking to beat their best time and run that extra mile. Compression socks and stockings have become very popular in all facets of sports and other athletic events. The reason why so many athletes turn to compression footwear is that it really does work. There are tow main benefits that one can gain from wearing compression socks. The first is, of course, improved blood circulation from the feet back to the heart where it can be dispersed back into the body, where it is needed most. The second benefit that athletes get from these special socks and stockings is shock absorption. Being able to absorb some of the shock that these men and women have to endure can be very helpful in avoiding injury and improving healing time.

These socks come in a number of different shapes and sizes. You can wear regular cotton-like white compression socks. Compression stockings are worn a bit higher on the leg providing even more compression and increased blood flow. Compression knee highs come just over the calf, providing the perfect amount of compression for those looking to avoid foot and leg cramping, as well as, blood pooling in the feet.

Whether or not compression socks make a huge difference in performance makes very little difference especially if you consider that these socks are not much more expensive than regular sport socks. If compression socks even help to boost performance a fraction of a percent, they are well worth it.

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