Calorie Restriction Diets

While low calorie diets usually result in a loss of energy, the Master Cleanse Diet boosts natural energy while promoting weight loss. Between today’s processed foods, polluted air, and artificial sweeteners, the body is filled with unnecessary waste and harmful toxins. These toxins can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and even slow down metabolism. This program is designed to flush out all the unwanted waste and restore the body to its natural, healthy state. The diet involves cutting out solid food for ten days, and replacing it with an organic lemonade mixture, along with a generous amount of water to keep the body hydrated. This detoxifies, and also serves as a laxative to rid the body of waste. Several celebrities use this method to shed excess weight, whether it be a few pounds before a promotional appearance, or several sizes for a movie role.

In contrast, eating negative calorie foods promotes the consumption of solid foods as a way to lose weight. While there is no such thing as a negative calorie, there are foods which result in the loss of calories when eaten. In order to digest food, the body has to produce enzymes to break it down, a process which relies on the energy of stored calories. Some low calorie foods, especially certain vegetables, require the use of more calories to digest than is gained from eating it in the first place. Using this method, a dieter would never have to worry about going hungry in order to shed a few pounds.

Between the Master Cleanse Diet and other natural, healthy weight loss regimens, losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In addition to boosting self confidence, getting rid of excess pounds is beneficial to the overall health and longevity of a person. Whether it’s by drinking lemonade, or adding more fat burning foods into a meal, weight loss is achievable.

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