Breakfasts for Diabetics

Most diabetics don’t eat breakfast and if they do, they eat the wrong food. They have sugar along with refined carbohydrates …the perfect example is a donut or breakfast cereal.  The feeling of being full doesn’t last long in before you are starving again.

Diabetics must have three good meals a day and thee smaller meal a day. They must refrain from anything that contains too much sugar.  One of the best breakfasts for diabetics is muesli. Muesli which consists of 70% of rolled oats, with other fruits and nuts is a good breakfast. To sweeten the muesli have finely cut dried apples, dried apricots, shredded coconut, sultanas and slivered almonds with soy milk or rice milk without sugar added. Homemade muesli is actually very good and filling and very nice.

Another good breakfast option is oatmeal.  Even if you have a busy morning you can still have a simple, yet nutritious and tasty meal. Oatmeal is one option that can be prepared quickly and when combined with walnuts for protein and fresh fruit can stimulate your body without causing sugar issues later. Since sugar is an enemy here you have to moderate it, while also remembering that food can be enjoyable without being dangerous to our well being.

Another option is the vast array of pre packaged food bars and snacks foods available. There are entire lines devoted strictly to people with diabetes: it is just a matter of doing a little research to see which ones to choose from and where they can be located.

Fruit juices like orange juice, grapefruit juice or apple juice is refined carbohydrates and will raise your sugar level unnecessarily. Let’s enjoy our breakfast that is healthy for diabetics and take the first step in beating that diabetes. YOU CAN DO IT.

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