Body Detoxing and Scrubs

Cleansing medications can be expensive and time consuming to buy. Many of the same benefits can be obtained from using natural cleansers that can be found in most kitchens. Whether you want a colon cleanse home remedy or body soap, there are plenty of natural ingredients that have no side effects and can be used to promote a clear and healthy complexion.

Body Scrub

Body scrubs are often used to exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead or dying skin cells. Once the layers are removed, the younger layers underneath will cause your skin to look much brighter and younger. A body scrub should only be performed a few times every week, or it may cause the skin to become excessively irritated. To make a scrub, mix equal portions of virgin olive oil and brown sugar in a bowl. Once the ingredients are blended properly, gently massage it into your skin. Be careful not to scrub too hard or it may cause irritation.

Facial Treatment

Some of the best acne face wash products are developed with natural ingredients. Simply place these ingredients in a blender to make it easy to apply on the face. Cucumber is an excellent cleanser that is used to combat acne and reduce oil levels on the face. Placing a cut cucumber on your face may not work well, so try grating it or putting it in a blender instead.

Body Pol ish

Th is type of treatment is effective for getting rid of dirt or dead skin that is stuck on the body. Body polishes are often used on the back and chest, but it can also be used for the rest of the body. Avoid using it on your face if you have sensitive skin because it may cause irritation, which may lead to acne or a rash.

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