Take good care and avoid dark circles under your eyes

Stress and lack of sleep are the two main reasons as to why you will generally see dark circles under your eyes. Also in addition you will see that your eyes are puffy and the overall look on the face will be a very tired look.

They say that prevention is the best cure which effectively means that you need to take good care of your eyes. For that to happen you will need to make sure that you do few things that I mention below.

Adequate sleep is a must. Generally six hours of sound sleep is good enough for your body and also your tired eyes to get rest. In turn sound sleep is a function of the fact that you will need to make sure that you get over stressed at home or office.

Computers – Most of use computers every day and that in turn means that our eyes get tired seeing the blue screen for long hours. It is a very good practice to make sure that you get up from your seat after every hour or so and give you eyes some rest. This will help avoid outing excessive strain on the eyes.

Remedies – The best way to give some extra rest and treatment to your eyes is to use the eye pads. Now you can have the cucumber eye pads made all by yourself or you can use the cucumber eye pads that are available in the market. The other way to relax your eyes is to use the chamomile tea bags. These tea bags are also very good to relax your eyes.

For the area under the eyes there are eye gel pads that are available in the market and these eye pads work really well to remove any dark circles from under the eyes.

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