Asbestos Injury: An Unlikely Population

Asbestos is deeply rooted in the world’s history. Many westernized and developing countries have banned, removed and compensated hundreds of thousands of workers who have been exposed to asbestos. This natural occurring mineral is deadly when it becomes airborne. The effects of an asbestos injury can take a decade to fifty years to exhibit symptoms. Historically, people who contracted asbestos related illnesses worked with boats, railways, mining and construction. However a new group of people have been exposed in one of the richest cities in the world.

The middle class worker with an asbestos injury is becoming a thing of the past. During the attacks of 9/11 the Twin Towers left a cloud of asbestos over Manhattan. Exposing one of the wealthiest cities in the world and the people who reside there to airborne asbestos. There were reports released by city officials assuring the public that the air was not dangerous. However since the attacks there have been several reports of asbestos related illnesses and private companies who conducted air quality tests reporting high levels of asbestos. Many of the workers who participated in the cleanup of ground zero were not people who were accustom to working on asbestos jobs. In order to work with asbestos you must be certified and follow very strict procedures.

The precautions taken with asbestos removal today are so stringent asbestos removers are at little risk for mesothelioma and asbestosis. When working on an asbestos abatement job there are certain things that must be completed in order to insure everyone’s safety. The area where the asbestos is removed is blocked off with plastic. The workers wear disposable clothing and shower before leaving the site. The water they use to shower is filtered several times before being released into the sewers. There are many more precautions taken and they vary from stat to state.

It was impossible to take these kinds of precautions given the tragic events of 9/11. However, this does not change the effects that people are likely to endure in the decades to come. Asbestos injuries take decades to present symptoms.  It can take up to 50 years before symptoms are presents enough to seek medical advice. The known risks of asbestos and the strong path that the middle class have paved will insure mesothelioma lawyers stay employed in the decades to come.

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