Are You Stressed At Work?

We spend an average of 1/3 of our day at work.  If you’re stressed out while you’re at work, you’re spending the majority of your life getting paid to reduce the quality and quantity of your life.  Seriously, are you getting paid enough for that ?

Seek Out Ways To Reduce Your Stress

Take the time out of your day to discover stress reduction techniques that will help to calm you during the work day.  You’ll be surprised and delighted by how easy some of these techniques can be to apply to your situation.  Best part of all, they’re also very effective.  Here are a few to begin with:

* Upon arriving at work, check your personal “baggage” from home at the door.  Your employer is paying you to bring a quality work ethic to your job.  If you’re spending all day worrying about what’s going on in your personal life, outside of work, then you’re not doing your best work for the guy that’s paying you.  Think of your work environment as a great place to take a vacation from your worries that don’t involve work.  Personal matters can be very taxing.  Give yourself permission to shut off the personal stuff until you get off work.  That way, you get to have a little reprieve from life’s constant battery of issues.  Work is for work – check your personal issues at the door.  It’ll benefit both you AND your employer.

*When you’re beginning to get overwhelmed or stressed out during your work day step away from your desk and change your scenery for a moment.  Even if your only option is to go and use the bathroom!  Plus, while you’re in the bathroom, smile at yourself in the mirror.  No joking, it works to reduce your stress levels.  Give it a try tomorrow!
*Always, always, always leave your desk during your lunch break.  Your mind needs a diversion and your body needs some activity.  The absolute best-case scenario is if you can get outdoors during your lunch break.  Take a brisk walk, rain or shine.  No matter how short your walk is, by the time you get back to your desk you will feel refreshed and ready to start the second part of your day.

*Make stress reduction a regular part of your work day activities.  Life is too short to spend part it being so stressed at work.  It’s within your power to alleviate your stress to a large degree.  Search for the techniques that will best help you.

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