Are Pushups Effective for Building Muscles?

One thing that I get asked on a regular basis is whether pushups are really effective for building muscles and I always reply that they absolutely are. Doing pushups is one of the easiest ways to increase muscle mass and all it requires is good form and some floor space. For a beginner, it might be a little difficult to pull them off but with practice they start to become much easier.

1. Do not think that pushups are a waste of time

There have been some people who have told me that they think that pushups are a waste of time but this is absolutely not true. There are different variations of the normal pushup that allow you to focus on your chest, arms and even abs. One product that I highly recommend is the Perfect Pushup V2 as these allow you to get the most out of your push ups by engaging more bodily muscles.

2. Your form is extremely important

How you do the pushup is absolutely vital as there are still many people who do not know how to properly execute this exercise. The most important is that you want to ensure that your feet are together with your back straight. In addition, you do not want your legs to be bent in any way as this will hamper the effective of doing pushups.

3. Always do pushups with other exercises

While doing pushups can help to increase your body muscles they only focus on certain areas of the body. This is why I strongly recommend that you always use them in conjunction with other types of exercises like lifting dumbbells. If you are serious about staying fit then you will consider investing in your own home gym equipment.

Pushups should absolutely not be ignored as they are very effective if you regularly do them. The key here is being consistent with your workout routine as you ideally want to have a weekly schedule that is tailored to your needs.

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