An In Depth Look at Deep Sea Fish Oil

Deep sea fish oil is the nutritious oil extracted from deep sea fish. Deep sea fish are those fish that are found right below the photolytic zone of the ocean. This is the area of the waters where there is little or no light penetrating. It is located between the sea-level up to about 200 meters (650 ft). One of the most abundant deep sea fish is the lantern fish. It accounts to almost 65% of all deep sea fish biomass in the world. Lantern fish plays a key role in the marine ecosystem being a major part of diet for larger organisms. Other deep sea fish include the angler fish and viper fish.

One of the known fish that are found in deep sea fish oil is a fish called Hoki also known as blue grenadier, blue hake or whiptail. This type of fish can be found in the pristine waters of New Zealand within the depths of 20 to 1,000 meters. Aside from being a good source of fish oil, Hoki is widely harvested commercially. It is one of the species used in McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish sandwich and Denny’s in New Zealand.

New Zealand waters is considered as one of the last unspoiled waters in the world which means the fish harvested from these waters have lesser toxins than those harvested from commercially active bodies of water.

Alaska deep sea fish oil, just like any other fish oil, cont ains a potent amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential acids that are needed by the body to promote good blood circulation and help in the development of the brain. These vital nutrient, unfortunately, can be produced by the body de novo (from scratch) so they can only be obtained from eating food.

Omega-3 or n-3 has been found to help in reducing the risk of certain cancers, prostate and breast cancers in particular. DHA and EPA are the ones responsible for the development of the brain of toddlers, even while still in the womb. These acids help in the fast recovery of individuals suffering from depression and aid in the treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s. There has been numerous studies done by authoritative bodies regarding the effects of Omega-3 fatty acids that’s why WHO recommends the regular but controlled in-take of fish rich in Omega-3 such as products from Nordic Naturals DHA.

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