All natural stool softners do work

Everyone experiences some occasional irregularity but some people have more consistent difficulty. They might have a slower gastrointestinal tract that results in hard stool that is difficult to pass. It is also possible the poor diet choices are the problem. There are many all natural remedies that if taken consistently can resolve this issue for a lot of people. Stool softeners are not laxatives, they add bulk and fluids to the intestinal tract and thus softens the stool making it easier to expel.

There are many all natural products that are available commercially. Mineral oil is one of the most easily available and cheapest on the market. There are also products made of a mixed vegetable base that adds bulk or fiber to the system. Aloe vera juice is also widely available and taken regularly will regulate the digestive tract. Check the labels on commercial products to assure that they are all natural. Read the directions to see if it needs to be taken routinely or as needed.

There are also homeopathic remedies that will provide reliable results. Barley and Psyllium husk are both easily accessible in most regular homeopathic stores. Both add bulk to the digestive system and can be taken regularly to prevent future problems. There are also herbs that are less popular but still effective. The methods of preparation vary. The best source for recipes and information on how to utilize herbs is through books or internet sites. Those herbs include but are not limited to horse chestnut, club moss, sulfur, white byrony and more. Inquire at the local health food store. They have sources that they can direct you to.

An all natural stool softener is a good solution for those with chronic constipation. It is important to understand the source of the problem. Easy solutions such as increased fluids and fiber may solve the problem. Look for the simplest solutions first as they are the easiest to stick with. If those measures do not work then look into some of the other alternative solutions as listed here. Only try one remedy at the time or it will be impossible to determine which item worked.

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