Effects of Alcohol consumption on the liver

Ticks, tension and pain in the back, spasms and tremors, enhanced fatigue, followed by headache or impaired concentration, in addition to enough sleep, may have caused liver disease. Often liver pain, liver diseases  or liver infection is immediately associated with alcohol, although problems with liver can have people who do not drink alcohol, too. Besides alcohol, liver pain cause drugs, impurities from the air, heavy metals in foods, fillings, cosmetics, stress, anger, poor diet full of fat, meat, sugar,fatty liver of pregnancy,Hepatic vein thrombosis,congestive cardiac failure,Bearn-Kunkel syndrome,gallstones,Liver abscess – tender liver…

A healthy liver is able to process 1l of beer or ½ liters of wine a day, but only if that is only alcohol drunk that day. The amount of alcohol that the liver can process without problems in women depends on body weight. For example, a woman with 50 kg can only handle half the amount provided by the man with 80 kg. If you have the small amount of alcohol annoyance, it can mean that the liver already has problems.

To be able to digest fat, the liver needs bile acids.
Problems in the digestion of fats have the following symptoms: light stools, gas in the intestines, a feeling of pressure in the right abdomen, diarrhea or constipation.

The liver disease makes hormone degradation. Its weakness can lead to additional symptoms such as reduced need for sex, problems with potency, breast enlargement in men or migraines. Changing dietary habits and intake of herbal preparations that clean and strengthen the liver. The best plants for the regeneration of the liver; asp grass (lat. silybum marianum) and artichokes. If products with these plants are taken regularly for a while (preferably several months), there is a liver cleansing, regeneration of damaged and the creation of new liver cells.

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