Aftercare For Eyebrow Tattoo

Have you just had an eyebrow tattoo procedure carried out then you might like some information on how you should treat the affected area? Or perhaps you haven’t quite decided whether to get the procedure in the first place and are thinking about temporary eyebrow tattoos. Either way, this article will contain some points that should help you out.

The first thing you need to do when thinking about aftercare for eyebrow tattooing is not to cover the brow with a bandage. It needs to breath, and unless your home is filled with dirt and dust, it will heal faster uncovered. Try not to spend too much time in the sun and don’t swim or do a lot physical activity that will make you perspire.

If you follow the eyebrow tattoo aftercare advice from your health care professional your eyebrows should look perfect in no time. But if the redness or swelling that you arrived home with persists, or there is puss and even more swelling a day or two later, then call your doctor and get an antibiotic. If it’s just a little swelling and doesn’t appear infected, then call your aesthetician or tattooing specialist to get a better antiseptic ointment or antibiotic cream for mild infections.

The Myth About Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows

While we are on the topic of eyebrow tattoos and aftercare, many people ask if all the fuss of the real deal can be avoided and if they just try out a tattoo and see what it’s like. How? Well, there seems to be a myth that there is such a thing as temporary tattoo eyebrows that will be a light version of the real thing but only lasting a week or two or a couple months at most. So, I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as getting temporary tattoo eyebrows! What people mistake for a temporary eyebrow tattoo is not ink but a sticker you press onto your brow. Yes, they may work to give you an idea of style and shape, but by no means are they anything like what a pigment tattoo will look like on your skin. A sticker doesn’t react to skin tones, pigment injected under the skin will. A tempor ary sticker is fun for a party but will give you NO IDEA whatsoever what reaction you will have to ink, how it will look with your natural hair and skin tones or what the procedure is about.

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