Acne Laser Treatment-3

Technology is at its best nowadays.  Things now are very automatic or very automated. An example is this acne laser treatment, which is probably the best way to get rid of your spots and blemishes. You can now face the world with confidence and no worries at all, since this treatment could really help you a lot. Although it can be very expensive, the cost is worth it. Say goodbye to your anti-acne products, say hello to this new treatment, the acne laser treatment. What is this then? well there are several types of laser treatment but only a few are proven to be very effective.

Here Are Some Acne Laser Therapies:

1. Blue Light Therapy
This is a painless procedure and it is done through several sessions until the pimples are gone. The side effect of this is dryness and redness in the treated area. There is a newer light therapy and it is the combination of blue and red therapy, this combination is more effective than blue light therapy alone.

2. Pulsed Light And Heat Energy Therapy
Both the pulsed light and heat energy destroy the acne and shrink the sebaceous glands, which would decrease oil production. It will cause redness in the treated area afterwards.

3. Photo Dynamic Therapy
This combines topical medications and light based therapies. A medication called “photosensitizing agent” is applied to your skin to enhance the effect of the light therapy. The side effects of this are redness, swelling, crusting and acne flare ups.

4. Photopneumatic Therapy
Using vacuum suction, this treatment removes the oil and dead skin cells from the sebaceous glands.  The area is targeted with blue and red light to destroy the acne and this would reduce inflammation.

It is still unknown which one is the most effective among these four therapies. This kind of therapy is really expensive. It should be budgeted since it will cost a lot of money because it requires many sessions.  But and acne laser treatment could be the most effective weapon to get rid of those acne.

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