How Do Acidophilus Pearls Work?

Acidophilus pearls are no different then regular acidophilus, which are a form of beneficial bacteria sometimes also referred to as probiotics. Probiotics in general work wonders for the body as it helps to aid in digestion, absorption of nutrients and regulation of the entire gastrointestinal track of the body. The “pearl” form of acidophilus is specifically designed to be able to withstand the extremely acidic and destructive acids of the stomach; this helps to deliver more acidophilus and probiotics to the intestinal track while helping to minimize the amount destroyed by the rough habitat of the stomach.

It is also important to remember that this product is no different then other acidophilus products on the market. The main benefit and the distinct advantage of pearls is that they provide a better vessel by which to deliver the probiotics to the intestinal track. With that being said, the delivery of the beneficial bacteria is extremely important as you could be wasting excessive amounts of time and money on traditional acidophilus products while seeing no results due to the acidic nature of the stomach’s environment destroying the acidophilus before it even has a chance to get to work in your body.

Since the bacteria that constitute this product are live strains, or cultures, they are sensitive to the conditions not only of which they are kept, but of the body as well. Taking the extra steps necessary to follow the proper directions when it comes to storing the product is vital as it will determine the viability and effectiveness of it. While the pearls are specifically designed to help deliver the supplement to the intestinal track of the body, it does provide some protection against the outside climate, however, it is always advisable to store this product in a cool environment and keep it out of warm and hot temperatures.

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