Achieve A Blemish Free Look With Aloe Vera And Vitamin A

Pimples and acne are the most common skin problem brought about by having oily skin. Almost all people in all kinds of ages somehow gets frustrated when they have a zit coming out, or when they could not really see a clear area of their face because it is dotted with pimples. This is the very reason why people with this kind of problem resort to all kinds of possible treatments just to achieve a clearer complexion.

There had been many available treatments for acne and pimples. There are non surgical procedures like facials and microdermabrasions that inject a chemical directly to the pimple and have it easily remove. Furthermore, there is also creams and facial masks that remove pimples and clean out the outer layer of the skin. These procedures are quiet costly and requires series of sessions to achieve favorable results.

If you consult most dermatologists, they would tell you that there are lots of factors for the persistent appearance of pimples and acne. They may be genetic, or your lifestyle or the natural type of your skin and the size of your pores in the face. Larger pored skin types have the greatest tendency to develop more pimples. Whatever the reason you might be, there are natural ways and naturally based products that would seem to help you in attaining a clearer skin.

One of the ideally recommended remedies is vitamin based creams, such as vitamin a cream for acne. Vitamin A contains retinol and tocopehrol – compounds that inhibits the activation of oil glands, thus producing less oil that causes the growth of pimples. Furthermore, vitamin A is responsible for growth of healthy skin, thus when you have pimple scars and other blemishes, Vitamin A -based creams are good for repair and to even out your facial skin.

There are also natural sources of Vitamin A like pure aloe vera gel for acne treatments. Pure aloe Vera extracts are rich with pure forms of Vitamin A that has cooling, smoothing effects of the skin known to tighten the pores and reduce the prevalence of pimples.

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