Hello, welcome to my website. I like to write about health related topics and that is why I started this website. In real life I am a Radiation therapy Technologist and I work with people who are very ill and have different types of health requirements and diseases. I always have doubted to become a Physician myself but I really don’t like to cut in people and carry the responsibility to subscribe medications and do all kinds of diagnoses. So that is why I decided to become a Radiation therapy technologist instead, because I like to work with people.

After I became a Technologist I decided to study Psychology and I finished it in 2006. I worked for 2 years in a Nursery Home where I treated and helped people with strokes and different types of dementia. I really liked the theory and Psychology is a fascinating study, but it was just not for me. I need keep moving, sitting on my butt all day is just not something that makes me happy.

Although I don’t like to cut and subscribe, I do like to have the knowledge and that is why I read a lot of books about our health and I also read a lot of good websites on the Internet about our health. I decided to start this website myself to write about my passion and share it with an audience. I would very much appreciate it if you leave a message behind to tell me what you thought about the article. You can also contact me or ideas for articles or questions you don’t want to ask in public. However, I am not a doctor and this website is not a replacement for a regular doctor appointment. It is just a hobby of mine and although I will do my very best to write about the facts, I can not guarantee you that everything written here is your best option. Please read my Health Disclaimer if you have more questions about this.

In real life I live in Amsterdam near the center and my work is only 15 minutes away. I work in the biggest Cancer Institute of Holland and one of the bigger ones in Europe. Besides working I like to read a lot and work on my website. It reflects a piece of who I am. I really enjoy living in Amsterdam, especially in the summertime when it’s hot and everyone likes to be outside. My favorite thing to do is cruising on the canals with my boat.

Feel free to ask any questions on the contact page related to this website.

Best Regards,

Drs. Mark Juffersen