About School Psychologists

There is a fundamental difference between education psychology and school psychology. Although both names sound a bit similar, these two careers in psychology are different. Education psychologist is concerned about analyzing data to find ways of improving student achievement and class instruction. On the other hand, a school psychology is based upon interaction with students, parents and instructors as well. What does a school psychologist do?

1. Interacts with students (elementary or secondary school)

2. Works with teachers/parents

3. Targets behavioral and learning problems

4. Work on improving the learning environment

Education and Courses

In order to become a school psychologist, you need a specialist degree. This is required in most states all across the country. A typical online psychology degree lasts around three years. It is mandatory to have an entire year of internship in order to observe and learn from an experienced school psychologist.

Where does a school psychology work?

School psychologists work in a many different places, usually in an educational setting such as schools or any other educational institutions. You can also find a school psychologist in clinics, mental health facilities and hospitals.

Selecting the Best Psychology Degree Program!

There is a big number of school psychology programs that you can choose from. This can be kind of frustrating when you are about to choose the best program for you. That’s why you need to know the criteria of a good program. Make sure that the program includes at least an aspect of philosophy as it is very important to understand the basics of psychology. It is essential for you that the program is accredited by the state too. Advantages of online degrees

Those who have occupations other than studying, such as taking care of their family or already have another job can start a school psychology program through an online university or college. It gives your studying time more flexibility and you don’t need to be physically present there.

School Psychology Careers and Salary

How much a school psychologist can earn solely depends on their degree and how many hours they work. Generally speaking, such psychologists are usually well paid and the employment demand is rapidly increasing. Studies have shown that school psychology will be one of the fasted growing careers before 2014.

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