A Basic Introduction To Exercise Bikes. Training With An Exercise Bike. Fitness Bike Information

When people think about an exercise routine, images of pulling more and more weights immediately springs to mind, but in reality weights are just a small part of a balanced exercise routine, especially where losing weight is concerned. Cardio exercises that work your heart and lungs are just as important, if not morose than weights for achieving health, longevity and a better quality of life. Probably the most popular aerobic piece of machinery for cardio fitness workouts is the exercise bike. Exercise bikes are cheap and are compact enought to be used in the average house, plus they deliver great workout results when used as part of a consistent exercise routine. Exercise bikes are also known as stationary bikes.

An exercise bike routine will improve your aerobic fitness and stamina. It allows you to perform a vigorous workout of both your upper and lower body at the same time. The benefits of the aerobic workout that an exercise bike can deliver are many. Working out aerobically will improve your heart-rate, cardiovascular fitness and burn calories which will in turn help you to lose weight. You will develop stronger leg muscles and greater agility.

There are many types of exercise bikes available to consumers who want to add one to their home gym. These cater to a range of different exercise types. Certain modes are made for aerobic/stamina training for example, where as other also strengthen and stretch out your muscles. When purchasing an exercise bike, the first step is to decide on what fitness training goals you want to achieve.

Of the different exercise bike types there are three main types: indoor cycling bikes, upright bikes and recumbent bikes.

A recumbent bike has a seat position that allows the “rider” to extend their legs and recline against a padded backrest. Peddling is performed in a forward motion. A recumbent exercise bike is a great device for back pain sufferers as there is less stress on the spine in this position. A recumbent bike delivers a great lower body workout and are useful for cardiovascular workouts sessions and endurance training.

An upright exercise bike let the rider sit astride of the saddle and is designed so to lesson the effort on peddling. Riders can use their body weight to help them in their peddling. Upright bikes are found in most gyms and are commonly used as warm up equipment.

Indoor exercise bikes, are also known as spinning machines and are the most common type of stationary bikes you can find. This type of bike also allows riders to peddle backwards so as to exercise the back part of their leg muscles that would otherwise not get used in the typical forward motion ride.

Exercise bikes deliver a low-impact, endurance workout that will get your heart pounding. Most bikes let you vary the resistance level you work against when you peddle, allowing you to work much harder when you need it, or to ease back when you want something easier. A stationary exercise bike can not only help you to lose pounds and look slimmer, they are also very affordable when compared to many other types of home gym equipment.

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