5 most important things you need to know about breast fillers

Plast i c surgeons have been investigating for many years a ‘no-implant’ procedure that can help women achieve that perfect silhouette, and have finally come up with an innovative technique. Women can now achieve their desired breasts sizes in a safe and instant way with breast fillers injection. Because no silicon prostheses are inserted under the skin, the breasts look and feel natural. There is also no risk of capsular contracture only formed by breast implants. Capsular contracture is whereby the breast can feel firm or hard, become distorted, and begin to cause pain. In the event of such an incident, patients need to go for treatments to cure capsular contracture and even remove the entire implant. The breast fillers breast augmentation method can guarantee the elimination of capsular contracture.

Who can go for it?
Women who have unequal breast sizes, tiny breasts, full or partial mastectomy, and droopiness of breasts from breast feeding and pregnancy.

Non-surgical, non-invasive
These procedures are non-invasive and usually do not require a long period of recovery time.

Minimal recovery time
Breast fillers offer several advantages over conventional breast augmentation surgical procedures, incurring less downtime and immediate results. Because the procedure requires the doctor to only make two tiny needle holes under the breasts to inject the fillers substance, only local anaesthesia is needed and the tiny holes will heal completely in less than two weeks. Patients leave the aesthetics clinic with a new figure and newfound confidence, and return to daily routine right after that. Patients are advised not to engage in activities or sports that require a lot of upper body movements as some swelling might occur due to a stretch in skin.

Types of breast fillers used

Macrolane, which is hyaluronic acid filler, lasts for one to two years. Aqualift, which is hydrophilic physiological filler, lasts longer, for three to five years. The breast augmentation component is degraded by the body, with no detrimental side-effects.

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