4 Tips For Treating Back Pain

Severe back pain is one of thing that can command the attention of even the toughest of us.  Most people who are seeking back pain remedies will visit a chiropractor.  It’s estimated that in excess of 20 million people will visit a chiropractor each year.  Of those, about one-third are seeking back pain relief due to sports related injuries, accidents, muscles strains and lifting heavy objects improperly.  There are some other methods you use before visiting your local chiropractor to bring some immediate relief to you back.  Listed below are 4 tips for treating back pain:

Tip #1 – Apply Ice and Heat
Applying ice is a simple way to provide some immediate relief.  Apply ice packs wrapped in towels for 15 minutes every couple of hours for the first day or two.  As the pain subsides you can choose to apply either heat or ice.  Always make sure the ice doesn’t have direct contact to your skin to prevent frostbite.  If you choose to apply heat then try taking a hot shower or a warm relaxing bath.  If you use a hot water bottle or warm towels limit the heat application to 15 minute intervals.

Tip #2 – Massage

A good massage will increase the blood flow to your muscles.  You can usually get a massage a local massage school at discounted prices.  Shoot for a sixty minute massage, be sure to let your masseuse know where the problem areas are located.  After the massage your back muscles will feel a lot more relaxed.

Tip #3 – Get Rest
Lie in a bed with a well supported mattress.  You can either lie on your back with a pillow under your knees or on your side with your knees bent in a curled position.  Avoid lying on your stomach or on your back with legs straight as these positions are not optimal for relieving back pain.

Tip #4 – Medication
Pain relievers such as Tylenol or an ibuprofen can be quite useful at relieving back pain.  Some pain relievers may have side effects so discontinue if you begin to experience any kind of stomach irritation.   Be sure to read the label and only take as recommended.

For any chronic back pain be sure to visit your medical doctor or chiropractic care physician.


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