3 Injuries Preventable By an Ankle Brace

In the world of sport injuries are inevitable. When you mix high intensity exercise in with fevered and heated competition you are bound to watch things get a little ugly from time to time. If you are an athlete, amateur or not, you should do your best to avoid injury at all cost. It’ s ea sy to avoid injury if you know what to do. The best method is always to take precautions: wear pads and wear braces.

Now, it’s not always beneficial to weigh yourself down with extra padding and braces all the time because you also want to be fast and agile when it counts. Some braces, like back and neck braces, are too cumbersome to be worn during game play and best left behind in the sports bag but others like ankle and knee braces can be light weight and comfortable to wear. An ankle break is probably the best brace to wear on a regular basis because it will not be cumbersome and it will help prevent serious, yet sadly common, injuries to the feet and ankles.

Here are three common injuries that can be prevented by the use of a simple lace up ankle brace:

Ankle Sprain:

If you play a game that requires a lot of running and jumping you will likely fall victim to an ankle sprain at some point. Sprains occur when the joint of the ankle is bent suddenly in an unnatural way. These injuries can be extremely painful and will put you off your feet for a few days. To avoid them simply wear an ankle brace while you play and it will help to keep your ankle moving in the natural way.

Twisted Ankle:

If you fall or pivot on the joint of your ankle you can potential injure it in a twist. Twisted ankles are similar to sprained ankles but are usually a little bit worse. An ankle brace will inhibit your ankle from twisting unnaturally and will prevent these injuries from occurring.

Broken Ankle:

You can break your ankle if you take any of the unnatural movements that cause sprains and twists to the extreme. A broken ankle can potential ruin an athletes career. Ankle braces will reduce the likelihood of breaks and hopefully help to decrease the severity of injuries across the board.

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